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shoppin center LED parking lot lighting system


Shopping center owners know how important it is to maintain a safe, clean, and well-lit parking lot area. Why? Because it is the first thing your customers will notice once they decide they are going to visit your shopping center.

Shopping centers are not really in the business of lighting systems, but shopping center owners know how beneficial it is to have a great parking lot lighting system. That is why the most popular shopping centers are ahead of the game because their parking lots are well-lit with the best LED lighting system around.

For shopping center owners who are interested in improving their parking lot lighting, let’s take a look at three questions every shopping center owner should ask before installing an LED lighting system.


Why Install LEDs in My Shopping Center Parking Lot?


LEDs have proven their worth time and time again. However, when shopping center owners call in they always ask, “What’s so special about LED lighting?” LED technology, in a nutshell, provides three benefits to shopping center owners. They can help reduce operational costs, decrease overall maintenance costs, decrease energy consumption, and reduce crimes within a shopping center’s parking lot area.

When a shopping center converts to outdoor LED lights, it will notice that LED bulbs do have a longer lifespan than their traditional counterparts. Not only do LEDs last longer but they also use up just about half of the total energy a traditional light bulb would use. This means that your shopping center will save a lot on electricity and maintenance. And because LEDs provide greater illumination, they’re able to cover more ground. Having LED lights in your parking lot would also help deter crimes, letting your customers feel safe even before they enter your shopping center.


How Does Design Fit into All This?


Yes, even parking lot lighting systems have specific designs drawn up to maximize LED lights’ potential. We’re not talking about the color of the lights or where you think is the best spot to install a pole light. When we’re talking about design, we’re referring to the complete planning and preparation phase. This essentially means an expert team would come in and appraise the location to see how to approach an LED lighting system installation. These experts’ goal is to make sure that the overall design provides maximum illumination and greater long-term savings.

The whole concept of a proper design is to take complete surveillance of the parking lot and its adjoining lots. This is essential because it will determine what types of LED lights would best suit your shopping center, the number of LEDs you will be needing, and what height your pole should be for your LED lighting fixture.

It is also essential to consider what type of lighting is used in adjoining lots because that will also affect how your design will come out. And you also do not want to provide any glare spilling into adjoining lots.

Setting up lighting controls also helps LED lighting systems in parking lots. How? Mainly because shopping centers can reduce electricity usage during the daytime and increase it during nighttime when it is more needed. This saves shopping center owners a lot of money while helping them control their overall lighting.


Does my town have any specific rules for shopping center parking lots?


It is easy for a business to decide to convert over to an LED lighting system. Installing them onto your shopping center’s parking lot isn’t as easy as making that final commitment, though. Shopping center owners have to comply with their municipal standards and guidelines.

Different municipalities have different standards and guidelines for parking lot lighting systems. This covers everything, from the height of the pole your shopping center plans on using to how bright your LEDs should be. The reason why these standards have to be considered is that some municipalities require certain businesses to dim their lighting systems at a specific hour. Some municipalities also need a certain brightness in areas to not hinder adjacent properties or traffic.

The best way to start your LED parking system conversion project would be to approach your municipal office and ask what are their specific standards and guidelines. Inform your municipality that your shopping center is considering converting from a traditional lighting system to LEDs, and they’ll be happy to provide the information you need.


What is this foot-candle I’ve been hearing? How does it affect my shopping center?


Simply, a foot-candle is the standard unit used to measure how much light is put down on a surface. Foot-candles are essential because they set the rules and regulations for lighting systems. They help shopping centers improve parking lot lighting and parking lot security. Foot-candles are the reason why parking lots are given the right amount of lighting for customers to have proper visibility and safety.

When a shopping center has the correct foot-candle then their parking lot area will be well-lit to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. Customers will feel that they can return to your shopping center because they feel safe and won’t be subject to any accidents that a poorly lit parking would provide.




Shopping centers should consider converting to an LED lighting system due to the numerous benefits it can provide. Before shopping centers can commit to that decision, they should also consider a proper design, their municipality’s standard rules and regulations, and the proper foot-candle. Tetrus has been in service for years and can help your shopping center answer these essential questions. We will assist you and make sure that you make the best decision for your LED parking lot system!