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hospital led parking lot lights


Hospitals have a lot of challenges and requirements in the lighting industry. Hospital LED parking lights could greatly benefit any hospital. However, it is essential to understand a hospital’s unique lighting needs.


How Can Hotel LED Parking Lot Lights Help with Energy Costs?

Like any facility, hospitals are constantly finding ways to decrease their energy consumption and costs. According to HC+O News, hospitals consume an average of 30%, or even more, of electricity. The reason why hospitals consume so much is their constant struggle to upgrade their infrastructure. A Health Facilities Management article, dated 2018, stated that the average age of a hospital has shifted upwards by almost three years in the span of 2 decades. What this means is hospitals are finding it difficult to raise money to keep their facilities up to date.

With that being said, hospitals still use traditional lighting systems such as HID or metal halide lights, fluorescent lights, or halogen lights. These lights each have their strengths, of course, but they also greatly contribute to operational costs.

Hospitals can save on operational costs and maintenance costs in the long run when they convert to LED parking lot lights. Stakeholders will appreciate their return on investment. They will see that LED lighting will decrease their energy cost and maintenance costs while providing quality lighting.


LEDs’ contributions to patient and staff safety

Lighting is an essential component of any hospital. If a hospital has poor lighting it can cause several things, slips, falls, and eye strain, to name just a few. Installing LED parking lot lights will ensure patient and staff safety. LEDs will also reduce hospital liabilities that arise from patient accidents that happen in parking lots. An upgrade to LED parking lot lights would mean that the hospital will improve visibility and their lights’ color quality so that their patients and staff will feel safer. 


LED Lights’ Automation and How They Help

Hospitals have a lot of traffic coming through at all times of the day. They need a lot of parking slots to accommodate patients, staff, and visitors. Applying automation to hospital LED lighting systems will greatly help patients and staff by providing adequate visibility. Automation will also help the hospital save on costs. The system can adjust the LED lighting system to where it will dim lights during the brightest time of the day and increase lumination when nighttime comes around.



Hospital LED parking lot lights are a valuable asset to hospitals. They provide safety to patients and staff while helping the hospital safe on cost in the long run. At Tetrus we’re able to help hospitals choose the right LED lights. We aim to help hospitals provide their patients and staff with the needed lighting as well as save on overall costs in the long run!