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led lighting systems for warehouses


Warehouses are busy places. They need to have a great lighting system so that all their workers can have a safe and productive environment to work in. Let’s take a quick look at four important benefits warehouse LED lighting systems can provide your warehouse today.


A Properly Designed Lighting System Decreases Your Warehouse’s Costs

Converting to an LED lighting system is the best and most obvious option for your warehouse. However, switching to LED lights can be tricky especially when your warehouse already has an existing racking system in place. Why? Because your warehouse can be subjected to poor lighting if your current lighting design is properly laid out. Your LED lights won’t be hitting the right places, and your warehouse will waste energy by not properly lighting the whole warehouse.

It is essential to have a properly laid out design for your lighting system. If your LED lighting fixtures are not spaced out properly — they’re clustered too close together — your warehouse will experience glare and hot spots. If your lighting fixtures are arranged too far apart, your warehouse won’t experience lighting uniformity. Your warehouse will have some locations with little to no lighting.


Check and Choose the Best Optics for your Warehouse

It is important to know which type of optics suits your warehouse. For example, using symmetrical and asymmetrical lenses helps your warehouse get custom illumination patterns. Custom illumination is a great option for your warehouse because every warehouse has different needs. A custom lighting pattern can help get the right lighting your warehouse needs.

Vertical illumination ensures that light is distributed evenly for aisle racking. This is helpful so that your warehouse can decrease picking errors. In comparison, uniform horizontal light required for general logistics areas. Horizontal lighting ensures workers’ safety and increases workers’ productivity.

These are a few optical options warehouses should consider. There are a lot of different light applications which could be used and utilized to have a great LED highlight system for your warehouse. 


Don’t Forget to Try to Avoid Glare

LED lights provide great and efficient lighting, however they do have a high-intensity point. Because of this high-intensity point, warehouse forklift drivers have to be a bit wary of glare especially if they need to look up from time to time to stack shelves. This trade-off can be managed with the help of a great lighting specialist. Tetrus has your back with lighting design. You can rest assured that we’ll find a great lighting solution for your warehouse’s environment.


You Can Automate Your Warehouse’s LED Lighting System 

Hands down, warehouses have complex requirements when it comes to lighting. Warehouses have high ceilings and have access to natural lighting through open roller doors and skylights. Using an automation system with your LED lighting system in your warehouse allows you to get the needed illumination while helping you save on costs. Your warehouse will get the much-needed light during the evening and dims as the night turns to day.



warehouse LED lighting system needs a proper design to work and help your warehouse achieve efficiency and savings. Don’t forget to include optic prospects when you’re deciding what LED light positioning would work best for the warehouse and its workers. Though LED lights are the best lighting systems to date due to their technological advancements, it is also best to still consider glare. Lighting specialists like Tetrus can help you achieve all this with no problem at all!