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shopping center LED parking lot lighting


LED lights have become the holy grail of the lighting world in recent times. Top LED light manufacturers say that LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular in the commercial and even residential sectors because of its long lifespan and efficiency. Also, LED lights provide brighter and better illumination. Because of this, LEDs are now a common sight in public areas such as Shopping Center parking lots. Leading commercial lighting manufacturers state that LED lighting has transformed the common parking lot lighting experience of late.

Let’s take a quick look at why Shopping Centers need parking lot lighting.


Shopping Center Customer’s Safety

When you’re looking at a parking lot, it’s a big empty area. Parking lot areas are only full during peak hours, so your shopping center’s parking lot should be well-lit. Why? To decrease the chances of theft. Because LED lighting provides brighter and better illumination compared to traditional lighting systems, they can light up shopping centers’ parking lots uniformly. This will ensure that your parking lot will be well-lit and safe at all times. A well-lit shopping center parking lot will also mean fewer customer accidents and injuries when they navigate around your parking lot.


Shopping Center LED Lighting Maintenance

Every lighting system will need some type of maintenance. With LED lights, however, maintenance will not be too much of a bother. Because of LED lights’ long lifespan and durability, maintenance isn’t a constant monthly recurrence. Top LED lighting experts state that LED lights can function optimally for up to 50,000 hours. With that being said, maintenance costs for LED lighting systems in shopping center parking lots will be greatly reduced. Shopping center owners can not only enjoy great lighting in their parking lots but also great savings on maintenance costs.


Overall Performance

LED lights’ output slowly diminishes over time. It is a stark contrast to their traditional counterparts. LEDs can produce greater illumination and have a longer lifespan than traditional CFL and incandescent light bulbs. Because of this, LED lights are considered the best option for shopping center parking lot lighting to date.


Overall Lighting Efficiency

LED lights are the most energy-efficient solution for parking lot lighting to date, this is mainly because LED lights can fully convert energy into illumination, which means they do not waste electricity as much as their counterparts. This makes LED lighting systems the benchmark for lighting efficiency in today’s market.

Shopping centers can also automate their LED lighting system with smart lighting controls. This will help shopping center owners to utilize their LED lighting system to the fullest while cutting energy costs.



LED lights are such a great solution for shopping centers. They provide shopping center customers safety, help cut lighting maintenance costs, provide the best illumination, and are the most efficient lighting system to date. If you would love to know more about how LED lights can improve your shopping center’s parking lot lighting, Tetrus is happy to be your partner in making that happen!