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LED high-bay lights for warehouses


Warehouse managers don’t pay too much attention to their lighting systems. For most, if they can see where they’re going then their lighting system is doing what it should and can do. Warehouse managers need to know that when their warehouses and warehouse parking lots have a first-rate lighting system, like a LED High-Bay Lighting system, installed. It can make a huge difference in energy savings.

A warehouse’s lighting system affects the productivity and morale of its workers, and its overall operational efficiency. Having very poor lighting in a warehouse could spell safety concerns. This is most especially true when a warehouse has fluorescent and incandescent fixtures installed. A warehouse would greatly improve with LED high-bay lights. Let’s take a quick look at how LED high-bay lights help warehouses and their parking lots.


LED High-Bay Lights Are Energy Efficient

The biggest advantage of installing LED high-bay lights versus traditional lighting systems is lower energy consumption. LED lights only operate with a fraction of what traditional lighting systems consume. With that being said, your warehouse can see a significant amount of savings in utility costs. Property managers or owners can especially see the savings with their bigger commercial buildings since there will be a large number of fixtures changed.

Also, converting to LED high-bay lights helps with the environment. How? By decreasing the use of natural resources and the emissions these resources produce. LED high-bay lights also do not take a long time to power up. This means that it helps warehouses keep cool during summertime and subsequently helps with saving energy usage.


Warehouses Enjoy Easy Installation and Maintenance with LEDs

LED lighting system installations can be scary. Before you toss the idea of converting to high-bay LED lights, you should know that the process is fast and simple. Your warehouse will enjoy all the benefits from the conversion without any downtime. LED lights need fewer tools. What this means is it is easier for maintenance personnel to replace burnt-out fixtures. This also means lesser downtime when maintenance personnel has to do necessary light fixture changes.

Aside from the easy installation and low maintenance, the lifespan of LED high-bay lights typically lasts for as long as 100,000 hours. The longer lifespan means that warehouse managers and owners don’t have to waste money and time worrying about the constant upkeep of burnt-out bulbs.


LED Lights Means Great Productivity and Safety.

LED lights provide a high level of safety. It is very tricky for warehouse workers to work their way around catwalks, staircases, and aisles. Warehouse workers need more than adequate illumination for them to do their job and keep safe.

Many LED lights produce a white light that has a cool feel to the eyes. This type of light is closer to natural lighting which makes it perfect for warehouse workers. It helps workers focus on their tasks and lessen fatigue and headaches that come from eyestrain. Plus a well-illuminated warehouse helps workers feel more satisfied and energized during their shifts.


LED High-Bay Lights Are the Most Modern Technology

LED lights are the most modern technology. Warehouse managers and owners who convert to an LED lighting system can automate their systems. They can use occupancy sensors to turn on their LED high-bay lights when needed. Since LED lights don’t need a lot of warm-up time then they turn on and off without any lag time. Warehouses can save a lot with this amazing feature.

Also, having an automation system in place can help workers. No one would want to have their workers handling a forklift wasting time because he had to get off his machine to turn on lights for his area and then wait for the lights to warm up before proceeding to work. And since occupancy sensors can distinguish repetitive human motion, it helps warehouse workers with their work.


LED Lights are Durable!

It is not a secret that the warehouse environment is rugged by nature. Unlike traditional lighting systems, LED lights are highly durable even in a rugged environment. They can stand in any environment because they are made up of durable materials. This makes LED high-bay lights very safe for warehouse workers. The light fixtures won’t break and shatter easily which means warehouse workers won’t have to worry about getting a shower of shards.



LED high-bay lights are efficient. They help warehouses save on energy consumption through automation. These lights also provide warehouse workers with a safe environment due to their durability. And when your warehouse would love to convert to an LED lighting system, Tetrus can ensure that you can see a 14 to 18-month payback. You can rest assured that your warehouse will enjoy the best illumination possible and save on operational costs.