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commercial led parking lot lights

Key Factors to Evaluate for Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights

Converting your parking lot to feature Commercial LED parking lot lights can be one of the smartest decisions you can make for your business, your employees, and your customers. But before you go ahead with your retrofit, there are a few things you must first consider before your upgrade. Here are a few things to look up as advantages of LED lights.

  1. The Lumens

The traditional way of looking into lamps means reading watts to see how much light it can provide and how much energy it uses. But that is no longer the case. People that use this system are mistaken and they get the incorrect lights for their places. When you are purchasing LED lights, do not consider the watts, but instead look for the lumens. While watts are an essential measurement, they do not affect the brightness of a light fixture.

  1. The Wattage

In wattage, lumens per watt are the measurement for luminous efficacy or the light produced in lumens for 1 watt of electricity. LED can differ and some lamps create more lumens than traditional lamps while using the same amount of watts. If your parking lot has a large area and you need lights to cover around 25 to 35 feet then you need LED lights that produce around 40k in lumens.

  1. Bulbs Needed in Each Pole

When you are choosing fixtures for your LED parking lot poles, you need to also decide how many bulbs are needed for each pole. Some poles need just one bulb, while others need two. There are also poles that need four bulbs for extra lumens. A designer or engineer can help you to make sure that the lighting meets the standards for outdoor parking lot lights.

  1. Color Temperature

One of the best features and advantages of LED lights for parking lot lighting is the color of the light. Most people will take note that the light is brighter and also clearer. Color temperature is determined in Kelvin and it describes the characteristics of the light. This determines if the light is cool, warm, or natural. LEDs have a larger color temperature range than all other kinds of lights, with a cool light of 5000k and higher.

  1. Spacing Between the Parking Lot Lights

The height of the mounts will also determine the spacing between the poles. Most regions have a maximum height allowed for parking lot pole fixtures. This is because of safety and security issues versus parking lots maximizing the parking lot lights they have to install. Where the parking lot is found is also a factor that can determine the height of the lights on the mounts.

  1. The Mount Type

Another important thing to consider is the types of mounts that you will be installing in your LED parking lot lights. If the lights that you are installing are new, they will have specifics that will determine the mounts needed for its type. The most common mount types are trunnion mounts, straight arm mounts, and a slip fit mount. All of these mounts can be used for LED parking lot lights.

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