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best outdoor light fixtures


For whatever reason it may be, to complement your home’s architecture, to improve your home’s overall security or to simply liven up the exterior of your home, adding a few modern light fixtures would be a great addition to your home. With so many modern outdoor light fixtures available in the market today, upgrading your old light fixtures would be a breeze. Or so you thought. Choosing the right fixture isn’t as easy as it seems.

Whenever you’re going to upgrade your outdoor light fixtures, professional designers and lighting wholesalers recommend you buy fixtures that complement your home’s overall aesthetic. They should also be placed around your home strategically. This is in order to eliminate dark areas around your home. You wouldn’t want to have dark spots around your home. We’re also sure that you don’t want to have light streaming into your bedroom during nighttime. A lot of information to wrap your head around? Don’t worry about it. Let’s take a look at this short guide which tells you how to choose the best outdoor light fixtures for your home.

Outdoor Light Fixtures Style To Go With?

First thing’s first. You’ll have to take into account the overall look of your home. Which fixture would best complement your home’s aesthetic? There are several types of lighting fixtures that you could choose from. But let’s look at the four most popular ones. First, we have traditional lights. Try envisioning the traditional looking flame powered-lamps of old. They usually have a bronze finish and have a very elaborate design. These fixtures are best for vintage-type outdoor decor.

Second, we have contemporary lights. These fixtures have a more modern look than the traditional fixtures. You’re looking at a more simple design that has a lot of different shapes and sizes. These therefore can easily fit into any modern-type home look.

Third, we have transition lights. These outdoor light fixtures are basically a combination of the contemporary style and traditional style. Because of this fusion, it is a great option for just about any home out there. For a better idea of how these fixtures look, just think about a simple fixture that is made with a bronze finish.

Lastly, we have mission lights. Basically, this type of light provides you with a geometric design. So people who have quite an out-there aesthetic would really go for this type of fixture. These fixtures give off a contemporary yet traditional style with a Spanish twist.

How Do They Fare?

One of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing your outdoor lights is their ability to withstand the outdoor elements. Taking a closer look at your chosen fixture’s specifications and certifications will help you a long way. This is because it will tell you its suitability for your intended outdoor use. When you’re looking into their grade level, outdoor lights are categorized as ‘Suitable for Wet Locations’, ‘Suitable for Damp Locations’, and ‘Dry Locations Only’.

When you’re looking at a light fixture labeled ‘Suitable for Wet Locations’, they can withstand wet, dry, or damp areas. This means they can handle snow, ice, and heavy rain. They can be installed on your pergola, gazebo, or exposed deck.

For ‘Suitable for Damp Location’ light fixtures, you’re looking at areas that are dry or damp only. So you’re looking at a location that would be covered. There should be no access to snow, ice, or rain. But it should be noted that these fixtures can handle a bit of moisture, so they can be installed at screened porches and covered patios.

Lastly, ‘Dry Location Only’ labeled fixtures are only installed indoors. You definitely do not want to install them outdoors. It will simply not work.

Materials Of The Fixture

After considering the specification and certification of the fixture you’d like to with, you’ll also have to consider what material you’d like to go with. Basically, you looked for the right design, now you’re looking for the right make. The question you’ll be asking yourself at this point is: ‘Is this outdoor light durable enough for my needs?’ Typically, the best materials you’re looking for would be bronze, wrought iron, solid brass, and cast aluminum. They can withstand a lot of outside wear and tear. You can visit any lighting wholesaler to go over these different types of outdoor lights.

Placement and Size of Your Outdoor Lights

Obviously, the placement and size of your outdoor lights are quite important. This is because you want to have a nice-looking fixture but at the same time, you want a fully functional outdoor light. So, you’ll have to choose the right luminary that will suit your home.

Now, if you’re looking to place some lights at your front door, you should be looking at carriage lights and wall sconces. They should be around 1/3rd or 1/4th the height of your door and placed about six inches from your door frame. If you want to put lights on your garage door, look at flush mounts. The lights should be 1/3rd or 1/4th the width of the door frame and centered about six inches above the door.

For the driveway, look at lamp post lights. They should be 1/4th the height of the fence and placed at least 1 ft. away from the actual driveway. For walkways, look into step lights and pathway lights. Step lights should be 14th the size of the risers while pathway lights should be 4×4 in. the body. With Patios, you should look at lanterns and chandeliers. They should be 2/3rd or 1/2 the width of the table and 7 ft. above the ground respectively. For Gardens or the backyard, you should be looking at spotlights and floodlights. When you’re looking at these lights, wattage is the gauge instead of the light size. So, you’re looking at a wattage that should be 1 1/2 times the square footage of the area to be lighted.

Security Purposes

We’ve mentioned earlier that aside from aesthetics, your outdoor lighting fixture can improve your home’s security. This is by way of eliminating dark areas. Of course, to fully utilize your outdoor lights’ security feature, you should get add-on features. You can opt to get motion sensors, dusk to dawn lights, and solar-powered lights.

Aspects of your outdoor light fixtures such as style, security, weather resiliency, and placement, and size are very important. They should all be considered carefully. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.