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LED Light Fixtures – Complete After-Sales Support Service

Real warranty, 24/7 customer care, and comprehensive affordable maintenance services for your LED light fixtures! We are here for your LONG after the sale!

LED Light Fixtures – Warranty, Support, and Maintenance

The LED light fixtures industry has a major fault: a complete lack of after-sale support. In other words, most LED lighting companies to fail to honor their warranties. Furthermore, you cannot reach them if you need help with your industrial or commercial LED lighting. More importantly, the LED lighting fixtures they sold you are not serviceable. Get LED Light Sales support with Tetrus.

As a result, none of our competitors offer to service or maintain their own industrial and outdoor LED lighting fixtures. The promise of low maintenance is just a sales pitch. They have no intention of servicing your lights because they know their LED light fixtures cannot be serviced. However, we are different! We build LED lighting that is structurally engineered to last and be serviced!

Sales support

The TETRUS Difference: After the Sale

Sales Support

Tetrus is not interested in making a one-time sale only. Consequently, we want to build a long-term partnership with you so that you always have a trusted LED lighting advisor. LED lighting fixtures are intrinsically energy savers. However, these energy savings amount to nothing if you need to replace them every 3-5 years. Thus, we build serviceable fixtures so you actually enjoy energy savings at the end of the payback time. Given the larger initial investment, re-buying fixtures once they are paid for cancels all energy savings.

Besides, as experts in outdoor LED lighting and industrial LED lighting, we understand the cost of maintaining these lights. We know that bucket truck trips cost money and we know that electricians cost money. With this in mind, we designed fixtures that you can actually service after the warranty period ends so you never have to replace them. Here is how Tetrus is different:


Real Warranty from a Real Company

Due to our modular serviceable fixture design, honoring warranty is an affordable process. Moreover, all parts are standardized throughout all our LED light fixtures. In this light, we only need to send you the parts via courier or a TETRUS certified technician in your area. Additionally, your own electrician can replace the parts quickly. Finally, you can always reach us because we don’t hide behind answering machines. Hence, a 24/7 Tetrus service line is at your disposals for all after-the-sale inquiries.


Serviceability for Minimum Maintenance

Thanks to the same modular serviceable fixture design, servicing our fixtures is a one-time trip. Thus, maintenance is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, with all parts standardized, we only need to send you the parts without endless phone calls or bucket truck trips. In addition, TETRUS certified technicians with fully-stocked bucket trucks in your area can perform regular maintenance for you. Of course, your own electrician may perform the maintenance since our LED light fixtures are easy to service.

After-the-Sale Support: A Light-Time Partnership

Tetrus is a people company with a customer-centric approach. Accordingly, we feel that it is our responsibility to be available for our customers when they need us. Also, we believe in providing all-under-one-roof LED lighting solutions because we don’t want you to worry about lights. Therefore, we choose to be your end-to-end LED lighting fixtures provider. Namely, we can meet all your requirements when it comes to LED light, including customer support, warranty, and service.

We don’t need to pass responsibility to third-parties because we made sure we handle everything ourselves. So, we want to build a partnership, not to close a one-time deal. If you are ready to upgrade to LED light fixtures, schedule a meeting with a Tetrus lighting specialist! For industry-specific data, please visit our get-more-info page!

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