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auto dealership LED pole lights


 A well-lit auto dealership parking lot with lots of shiny and bright cars parked out is an effective marketing tool when you’re trying to persuade passing motorists. How your cars are presented will motivate your clients to visit your auto dealership. It is essential to have your auto dealership cars displayed with the best LED lighting system. When your auto dealership parking lot has the right lighting you can expect to have a passing motorist visit your parking lot instead of having them pass by your lot.

A well-designed LED parking light system is essential for your auto dealership. Having the right lighting system will make your cars stand out. With that being said, let’s look at several pole lights that can make your auto dealership parking lot a client magnet.


Considerations to Take for LED Pole Lights 


It is essential to plan your parking lot LED lighting system. Your goal is to make your parking lot and cars stand out and make your clients feel secure and welcome. Let’s look at some considerations you have to look at: 




Pole lights have three available materials, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Aluminum doesn’t weigh as much, and you won’t get as much damage to the material when exposed to harsh weather. Steel is durable and quite flexible, and because of this, it is a popular choice. Fiberglass doesn’t also weigh as much and doesn’t rust.




You have two options to choose from, anchor-based and direct burial. An anchor-based pole is the best option for auto dealership parking lots because it is easier to replace whenever it experiences damage. You can raise the base of this pole and install it above the ground if you’re considering safety. Direct burial pole installations are more cost-effective than anchor-based poles. They are suitable for lots where the space is not paved because it will be easy to dig the lot when you begin the installation. However, because you need to install the pole in the ground it costs more to replace the pole as you would have to dig up the entire pole and replace it. Costly and time-consuming.


Pole Height: 


It is essential to think about the height of the LED pole. If the pole is too low your parking lot will not get the amount of lighting, and your clients will experience glare. On the other hand, if you install an LED pole too high your lighting will become ineffective. There is a standard pole height that most auto dealerships use. Most dealerships take a 20 to 30-foot LED pole for their parking lots because it works well for their needs.


How Many Are Too Many?


Your auto dealership will most likely need more than one LED fixture on the pole of your choice. Large parking lots need to have poles that will have multiple fixtures on each side. A pole with multi-sided fixtures will ensure a well-lit parking lot and help your auto dealership save money in the long run.


What are Foot Candles, and How Many Do I Need?


Food candles mean the amount of light you need to light up a given space. Let’s take, for example, a typical auto dealership. A typical dealership will shine the best with 10 to 20-foot candles. However, before you think of using this suggestion, ask your municipality if this is acceptable in your area. Why? Mainly because some municipalities have different policies on foot candle usage. Their main concern is the possible spillage of lights from businesses into sidewalks.


Do I Need Street Lights In Front?


Installing streetlights in front of your auto dealership is the best way to attract clients to your auto dealership. How? Because your cars will be well-lit with an effective LED parking lot lighting system. When clients drive by your auto dealership at nighttime, it is easy to be drawn in by the shiny cars parked out your lot. A well-lit parking lot will also make clients feel more secure and comfortable when they visit your lot.

The right amount of lighting is essential to keeping your sales at an all-time high. Placing street lights in front of your auto dealership not only helps highlight your cars but will also scare off potential criminals.


Is LED Lighting Essential for Auto Dealerships?


There are many reasons why LED lighting is essential to auto dealerships. For one, having a well-lit parking lot attracts clients. When motorists are driving past your auto dealership you want them to see your lot and be attracted by it so much that they want to visit your lot. Taking a step further, once your clients visit your lot you want them to have a lasting impression. You’ll want them to think, “These are well-kept, shiny cars, and I am safe in this lot.” The entire client process should be sensory. You can only achieve this when you have a properly lit LED parking lot lighting system. 




Before you start planning on where you’ll be putting your new LED lighting system on your auto dealership parking lot, consult with an expert. Here at Tetrus, we can help your auto dealership from planning which type of LED pole lights best suit your parking lot to the overall design and placement of your LED lighting system. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your auto parking lot LED lighting system is worth every penny!