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Tetrus led parking lot lights

Outdoor LED Parking Lot Lights are generally mounted too high poles. Outdoor lights that are used in parking lots and driveways are called parking lot lighting. You can use them to light up parking areas and other outdoor spaces. Installing LED parking lot lights will not only illuminate your space but also add an extra factor to the security of the building and help to reduce electricity bills as they use lower wattage than regular lamps. When you use them with commercial buildings, these can help you attract new customers.

Key Features of Tetrus LED Parking Lot Lights

Outdoor LED Parking Lot Lights come in various shapes and styles and have a multitude of features. You can have multiple fixtures on a single pole or each fixture be mounted on separate poles. This depends on the placement and number of poles considering the size of the lot.

While buying LED lights you need to consider that LEDs are designed to use less energy and thus, will naturally have a lower watt rating. For parking areas, the most commonly used LED lights range from 100-150 watts. This may sound surprisingly low but they will create an estimated output of 10,000 to 16,000 lumens; LED lights in this range of power consumption are similar to 400W halide lights and other 400W HID lights that were most commonly used in the past.

The amount of energy used by a bulb is described by watts, whereas the lumen rating classifies its brightness. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the bulb will be. You should find a selection of bulbs with the most lumens and the lowest wattage and thus save energy.

Parking area led lights are most usually mounted at heights ranging from 12 feet to 40 feet. Higher mounted lights are most common especially for installing LED Lights in parking lots as a higher mounted LED light fixture will reduce shadows and help the light be more uniform on the ground.

Technical Requirements

Voltages that are most common to power parking area light fixtures include; 120V, 208V, 240V, and 277V. You can power parking lots using fixtures of 480V as well.

When it comes to lights, Kelvin (K) is used to refer to the light’s coolness or warmth. On the Kelvin scale, the higher the value in Kelvin the light source has, the ‘cooler’ the light looks. It also has a color temperature that is closer to sunlight. The most commonly used Kelvin rating for light color is 5000K. This can be equated to the daylight white color. 5700K provides better visibility and helps to make the lot look better and more open. 4000k led lights will give a softer, warmer light which can make the clarity of objects in the peripheral of the lights look clearer.

There are various ways to mount light fixtures on poles, some of them include; bullhorns, direct mounts, tenons and slip fitters.

Parking Lot LED Light Retrofits

You should consider certain things while installing led lights for existing parking lots. These include; cost of fixture, payback, the cost to install, conditions of electrical wiring, and light poles. The most common practice is to replace the pole heads with new LED fixtures. This is the most cost-effective and would require minimum time and manpower as the existing poles and wiring are kept while only the light fixtures are replaced.

We recommend you contact us when you want to install LED parking lot lights in new or existing parking areas. We have years of experience that will help create a solution best suited to your scenario. Contact us at our toll-free number 1-855-5-TETRUS / 1-855-583-8787.

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