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auto dealerships and LED parking lot lights, the best pairing


The auto dealership industry should not ignore the current trend of converting to LED lights. If you own an auto dealership, then maybe you should look into the many positive features your dealership could benefit from converting to LED lights. It may be time to change from your traditional metal halide lighting system to LED parking lot lights.


LED Parking Lot Lights Give Off a Better Shine


You can expect shinier rows of parked cars with a high-quality LED lighting system. LED parking lot lights have an extensive selection that allows your dealership to show off each car on your parking lot. Having LED lights as a marketing tool is a definite plus because you can affect the outcome of your sale transaction.


Of course, you have to be quite mindful about where you will place your LED lights. The overall placement will add to your parking lot’s appeal. And it is no secret that clients will be more likely to purchase an item when its best features are front and center. So, having the correct type of lighting system can have a huge effect on your auto dealership’s sales.


Increased Safety and Security


One of the most important things an auto dealership should always consider is security. Having the top lighting system to pair with your alarm system is a must. If you install LED parking lot lights in your dealership, your security personnel won’t need to make a lot of rounds. An efficient LED lighting system will provide enough illumination for your cameras and security personnel to keep watch over your parking lot.

Your Auto Dealership Will Save On Energy Bills


The big question: how often do you change your traditional halogen light bulbs? It must be quite frequently. One major reason why so many auto dealerships convert to LED parking lot lights is because of their long lifespan. You’re looking at 10 years of great lighting with almost zero maintenance costs.


The Best Investment For Your Auto Dealership


With all the great hype around LED lights, why do people shy away from them? The reason is companies believe it will cost quite a bit to convert to LED parking lot lights. However, it is thanks to the low maintenance costs of the LED lighting system coupled with lower energy consumption, and a longer lifespan that the LED system can promise an ROI in no time. Don’t forget your increased sales because of how great your LED lights make your cars look.




All in all, LED parking lot lights are a great long-term investment for any auto dealership. Tetrus can help you make that investment a reality, a reality which can undoubtedly be paid off quicker than you think!