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There are many benefits of switching from traditional parking lights to more modern Commercial LED parking lot lights. And while there are many elements to consider before making the swap, there are also a lot of benefits to switching to LEDs now, or as soon as possible.

Key Financial Benefits of Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights

LED lights can help you save on your costs in three different ways. Because of better quality lights, you will need fewer light fixtures, less energy consumption, and less light fixture maintenance. But among these three the biggest savings that you will get is from energy savings. The energy that you consume using Commercial LED Lights is less than half the energy that you would spend on traditional lights. In some cases, you can save as much as 80% on energy costs.

HID lights consume between 200 and 1000 watts. But LED lights only consume 60 to 400 watts. LED lights also have different structure and design, which is why it consumes less energy. HID lights use ballasts as a fuel source, which can consume more energy. LED lights have semiconductors that activate the lighting, requiring less energy.

One of the reasons why most parking lot owners hesitate to have LED lights is the cost. It is more costly to install or retrofit LED lights for your parking area. But the return of investment is very quick, and you actually save more money in the long run. That is why it is important to make the switch as soon as possible, because the longer you use traditional lights, the longer you will be paying higher energy costs.

commercial led parking lot lights

Better Performance

LED lights have a better color rendering index than traditional lights. What this means is that the light that it produces can show the true colors of objects. This is because Commercial LED Lights fixtures can come in a range of color temperatures. The right color temperature can enhance the brightness and make it easier for our eyes to see things. This helps in properly illuminating the parking area, but it also makes sure that pedestrians and drivers can see a lot better.

LED parking lot lights also disperse light evenly across an area. This means that there will be more light spread out to more surfaces. This also means that the light is more even and has the better quality for both horizontal and vertical lights. This means that the light from close to the light source is just as good as a couple of feet away. HID lamps are known to create bright spots that are very limited, which can create blind spots and dark areas in your parking structure.

Overall Safety in Parking Lots

LED lights are more efficient, but they are also more effective. They give off better quality light, and the light reaches a wider area. This means that your parking structures are better illuminated. This can decrease any accidents or mishaps, such as seeing any obstructions or tripping over an unseen object. It also ensures that pedestrians and drivers can clearly see where they are walking or driving.

But safety is more than just seeing properly. Having a well-lit parking area deters any malicious behavior from the criminal element. Having dark spots or blind spots encourages criminals because it gives them a place to hide. They can steal vehicles, steal items inside cars, or vandalize the area. Even worse, pedestrians and parking lot attendants are vulnerable to mugging or assault. Simply having a well-lit parking lot makes you are safer, and it provides your people to have peace of mind with proper safety and security.

Falling Prices for LED lights and LED installation

When LED lights first came out, it was brand new technology and therefore the price was at a premium. They were known as the expensive type of lights and only a few businesses could afford to install them on their premises. But because of the popularity and demand for LED lights, there are more manufacturers of LED lights. And this meant that prices for LED lights eventually went down. Now prices are at an all-time low and they are very affordable. They are even offered several incentives and rebates by utility companies and local governments.

Incentives and rebates are offered when businesses switch to LED lighting to make the initial cost of the upgrade less expensive. Utility companies offer a variety of rebate programs and incentives for commercial LED lighting retrofits or installation. But now that LED lights have become more affordable, the rebate amounts offered also get lower. That is one of the most important reasons why it is important to install LED parking lot lights now while the rebates and incentives are still high.

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