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When considering the LED Parking Lot Lights with Pole for your new car dealership, it is important to examine all angles to determine the best product. LED lights have been on the market for a while and have been proving their exceptional set of features. As a result, more and more new car dealerships are choosing to utilize them for their outdoor lighting. While you may have been using LEDs for interior lighting, they are ideal for outdoor lights as well, especially LED parking lot lights.

LED Parking Garage Lights: Generating Long-term Savings for New Car Dealers

The biggest benefit of using LED Parking Lot Lights with Pole is their long-term savings. Yes, there is an upfront investment and they are more expensive than other types of lights. However, most of our clients have a payback period of under two years. That means in about two years’ time, the lights will have paid for themselves in energy savings. This isn’t just a statistic; it is the real savings we are seeing from our customers on a regular basis.

LED Parking Lot Lights: Long Lifespan and Minimum Maintenance

LED outdoor light fixtures have a long life and need very little maintenance. Once you install them in your new car dealership, you won’t have to worry about them. You have so much going on when trying to run a business, why waste time worrying about something like outdoor lighting? LEDs are a simple solution that will save you time and money.

Strengthen Your Brand Identity and Increase Brand Loyalty

These sleek and modern lights will make your car dealership lot look bright and clean. Plus, they will give potential customers a true view of the options you have. Your lot will look beautiful at night, yet the lighting won’t be harsh. Customers driving or walking by the dealership can look at the beautiful new cars in all of their glory.

LED Parking Lot Lights Make Your Location Safe

With the brightness also comes security. Why? The light will reach all corners of your lot, providing a more secure area. When lots are bright it reduces the chance of possible vandalization or theft. LED lights also increase the chance for someone would see if someone attempted either of those crimes. Plus, a security camera would get a clear shot of the criminals.

Outdoor LEDs are Environmentally Friendly

In our experience, there is a demand for high efficiency, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance options for new car dealerships. As such, we feel that outdoor LED lights are the solution. LED lights do not contain mercury or other toxic chemicals that incandescent lights. These chemicals could be harmful if they were to break.

The Bottom Line

When working through the design of your new car dealership, consider investing in outdoor LED parking lights. Therefore, you will have a significant return on investment in a short period of time. You may have a larger initial cost for the lights. However, lifetime energy, maintenance, and environmental savings are just a few of the incredible benefits of the lights.

From higher security to lower energy bills to modern and sleek-looking outdoor lights, LEDs are the way to go. No longer are outdoor parking lot lights clunky and ugly necessities, they are modern and professional-looking accessories. Consequently, you can have them highlight the cars in your new car dealership parking lot while they save you money.

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