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LED Parking Lot Lights for Hotels, The Right Way to Go How LED parking lot lights can make your hotel parking lot shine bright to improve your hotel facade and provide safety for your guests’ cars.

    Hotels use a lot of electricity. A lot of a hotel’s expense comes from its day-to-day operations, which usually start with a well-lit hotel entrance, lobby, rooms, recreation rooms, and hotel parking lots. With that being said, it is essential for a hotel to invest in lighting...

An Auto Dealership’s Shining Moment Looking into what LED pole lights are and how they contribute to your auto dealership sales

   A well-lit auto dealership parking lot with lots of shiny and bright cars parked out is an effective marketing tool when you’re trying to persuade passing motorists. How your cars are presented will motivate your clients to visit your auto dealership. It is essential to have your auto...

Auto Dealerships’ 5 Reasons to Convert to LED Parking Lot Lights Checking on 5 reasons why auto dealerships should consider switching over to LED parking lot lights

  The auto dealership industry should not ignore the current trend of converting to LED lights. If you own an auto dealership, then maybe you should look into the many positive features your dealership could benefit from converting to LED lights. It may be time to change from your traditional...