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LED parking lights are huge power and cost savers for car dealerships. Compared to HID lights, LED parking lot lights to have a longer lifespan, as well as higher energy efficiency, lumen output, and CRI. However, with LED outdoor lighting fixtures, you will not only reduce your energy bills by 90%, but you will also enhance curb appeal and strengthen your brand identity.

Retrofitting wasteful legacy lighting to LED parking lot lights will transform your parking lot into a magnetizing night time showroom. As such, you will draw in more foot traffic and nurture a positive reputation, which will enhance brand loyalty and business growth. With Car dealership lighting fixtures, you can save money while increasing your business. Here is how you can boost your car dealership’s curb appeal by simply switching to LED exterior lighting, such as LED parking lights.

Car Dealership Lighting Solutions: Experience Psychological Comfort with LED Parking Lot Lights

Every time people drive by your car dealership at night, their subconscious creates an image of your business by association. They associate quality exterior lighting with security and safety. They associate well-lit outdoor areas with trustworthiness. Most importantly, they associate your car dealership with their dream car which is now visible with Car dealership lighting As a result, the quality of your exterior lighting is key to building a positive impression on drivers. If you were interested in buying a car, where would you go to? The dimly-lit, partially dark dealership or the brightly lit, inviting dealership?

LED Parking Lot Lights Enhance Brand Identity

Drivers will not stop in the middle of the night to buy a car, but they will fall in love with your location as they pass it every night. They will spot their dream car in your parking lot and they will know where to come when they are ready to buy. Commercial lighting car dealership, via their exceptional light distribution, high CRI, and high lumen output, will add positive reinforcement to your brand. Well-lit locations create strong brands, and strong brands drive more customers. Will you buy a new car from a dealership that is sunk in darkness most of the night, or would you buy a new car from a dealership that cares to deliver you a great customer experience even when you are not buying?

LED Parking Lights Improve Visual Appeal

New cars are beautiful, but nobody will see how beautiful they are at night if you don’t showcase them with quality lighting. Why is visual appeal important during the night? People don’t buy then. No, people don’t buy then, but they consider buying and make decisions at night as they drive quietly home. With a higher CRI, Car dealership lighting can make your location beautiful and worthy of the cars that you are selling. New cars are like diamonds. They don’t shine by themselves, they reflect light. You don’t want them sitting in the dark because nobody will know you have diamonds in your parking lot. Click here to find out more about the importance of CRI for car dealerships!

The Bottom Line

Buying a car is not a spontaneous decision. People need to consider a lot of aspects, such as financing, discounts, service, warranty, etc. However, before they see your attractive financing options or your appealing discount, or your excellent customer service, clients see your cars. They fall in love with your cars and there is a good chance that they fall in love with your car at night when they are not busy with daily tasks. Switching to commercial lighting car dealership will enhance visual appeal, brand identity, and psychological comfort so that you attract more customers. The more customers you attract, the more conversations you can achieve.

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