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Manufacturing Facilities

High-efficacy lighting is the key to employee productivity and safety in high-ceiling manufacturing facilities!

Looking At Some LED High Bay Lighting Benefits Taking a quick look at three benefits of LED high bay lighting versus other traditional high bay lights

  When you’re looking at a warehouse, gymnasium, factory or any huge open space with high ceilings, the high bay is the best fixture to install. A majority of high bay and low bay lights that are installed still use HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps. They... Read More

A Useful Guide About Warehouse Lighting Upgrades Understanding all there is to know about warehouse lighting upgrades and figuring out which warehouse lighting suits your lighting needs

  When you’re thinking about upgrading your warehouse lighting, there are a ton of things to consider. It can be a little intimidating, yes, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult project to accomplish. Let’s take a look at how to choose the right light source for... Read More

Utilizing High Bay LED Lighting In Commercial Complexes Choosing high bay LED lighting for your commercial complexes is the best choice you can make

    High bay LED lighting would be your best bet when you’re thinking about lighting mid to high ceiling complexes. These complexes would typically be warehouses, storage spaces, gymnasiums, and manufacturing areas. And Tetrus has an assortment of high bay... Read More

Why You Should Be Getting LED High Bay Lighting Now Looking into three reasons why you should be getting LED high bay lighting

  When you’re in the lighting world, LED high bay lighting is one sure fixture that you’ll come across. You’ll see them in most gymnasiums, warehouses, or any big open area which has high ceilings. A lot of existing high and low bay lighting applications... Read More

LED Industrial Lights: The Best Lighting for Your Work Environment Having optimum light through LED industrial lights for your employees' comfort and productivity

LED industrial lights are important in industrial production. When you have lights that are able to service your business for 50,000 hours, you’re way ahead of the game. Couple that with outstanding performance and low energy consumption, you’re looking at an... Read More

Commercial LED Lighting Is Transforming the Lighting Industry Let’s examine the pros of commercial LED lighting and how it is currently transforming the lighting industry

Commercial LED Lighting has transformed the lighting sector. This is because of LEDs’ long lifespan, superb efficiency, and flexibility in terms of color and scope. LEDs are now front and center in theaters, shops, hotels, museums, commercial buildings and... Read More