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commercial led lighting fixtures

Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures for Illuminating Your Business Spaces

When you are using traditional lighting systems for your business, you’re looking at energy costs of 80%. With this in mind, it would be  to try to reduce your lighting’s energy consumption. Reducing your energy consumption should be a top priority. The best way to decrease your energy consumption while still maintaining your quality of light is to go with commercial LED lighting. Numerically speaking, you will be able to increase your savings because of a lowered wattage use. Now, how much will you actually save if you switch over to LED lights from fluorescent lights? In terms of wattage, if you’re going to retrofit your light fixtures from fluorescent lights to LED lights, you’re looking at a 50% to 70% savings. The next question, I’m sure you’ll want to ask is: “How long will it take for me to get my investment to actually pay off?” Let’s find out.

Maintenance Costs of LED Lights

Your main maintenance is basically changing your commercial lights. This isn’t an easy feat. To actually change a burnt-out light bulb, you’re looking at three people and a bucket lift. Maintaining office lights can be quite challenging as well. Your maintenance crew will have to maneuver themselves above cubicles. If you have fluorescent lights, the standard 15,000 or 20,000-hour ones will need frequent changing. This means you’ll need quite a hefty budget for your commercial lighting system. So if you have a small budget for your lighting system, perhaps a commercial LED lighting system would best suit your budget. You don’t need to change the bulbs as frequently as their traditional counterparts. That means you won’t be needing special equipment and a maintenance crew to frequently maintain your lighting system.

Overall Visual Performance

One major benefit you will see in commercial LED lighting fixtures nowadays is you can now get a quality light source and be able to place your light fixture at a specific spot that you need it to illuminate. Yes, this may not be the most essential thing for retailers and restaurateurs. However, a commercial LED lighting system now has the capacity to not only make your lobby but also let’s say, look chic. This type of lighting system also helps your tenants and employees see better, perform better, and have less eye strain. You may also add a lot more value to your tenants and employees by having high color quality through LED lighting. Yes, it may not be a primary aspect, but it’s worth thinking about.


These three factors show that commercial LED lighting is better than its traditional counterpart. In terms of energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and overall visual performance, LED lighting is ahead of the game and its technology is still progressing. We here at Tetrus will be more than happy to provide you with our input and services. Feel free to reach out and ask whatever questions you need in order to find out more about our product and services.

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