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There are several benefits and advantages that come with converting to LED parking lot lights. Not only do they last much longer than traditional light bulbs, but they also need less maintenance. LED lights are also much more efficient and will save you a lot of money when it comes to energy savings. LED lights can also be easily uninstalled and recycled. This makes them much more environmentally friendly. LEDs can also be used in extremely high temperatures and extremely low temperatures. This makes LED parking lot lights ideal for temperature-sensitive areas.

But there’s more to LED lights than just simply converting and paying for the installation. There are several factors to consider so that you can make the most of the unique advantages of LED lights. Because it is a relatively new technology (especially in the parking lot illumination industry) there are new advances and techniques with LED parking lot lights. Even the most experienced owners can make common mistakes. So here are the common mistakes that people often make with LED parking lot lights, and how to avoid them.

Outdoor LED Parking Lot Lights – Choosing the Right Fixtures

Light fixtures are made for specific light bulbs. Having light fixtures that are compatible with LED lights does not necessarily mean that it is the right fixture for the lights. Having the wrong fixture can impact your bulbs in that it will make the bulb’s lifespan much shorter, and this means additional costs in replacement. The wrong fixtures also mean that more heat will be dispensed from the bulbs which will then cause more malfunctions. Having the wrong fixtures can also affect the amount of light each lamp will give off. So you can have low light or too much light in your space with the wrong fixtures.

Not Enough Light

Having low light is a very common problem for parking lot areas. You want to make sure that you have enough vertical and horizontal light. This is to illuminate the entire space and make sure that vehicles, pedestrians, and the pavement can be clearly seen. Having too little light defeats the purpose of parking lot lighting and you are just wasting your money with lights installed. The entire lot has to be illuminated correctly so that your area is secure and pleasant to look at.

Invasive Amount of Light

While low light is a very common problem, there is also such thing as too much light. Light from your parking lot has to give off just the right about of light and not intrude into other surrounding areas. Too much light can cause complaints from your neighbors. Too much light and you can also be contributing to what is called ‘light pollution. Adding more fixtures than what is needed can also be less cost-efficient. This will cost you money to maintain and install lighting that is not necessarily needed.

outdoor led parking lot lights

Having the Wrong Budget for LED Parking Lot Lights

The obvious problem with spending too much on lighting is that your business will suffer because of costs and expenses. But you also don’t want to go under your budget. You want to make the most of your budget and make sure that you get the very best products of the highest quality. With LED lights, the installation and purchase are quite substantial and even more than your traditional lighting. But the energy costs and maintenance fees are much more affordable and you can save more money in the long run.

Improper Height of Lighting Poles

Most parking lot lights that are located outdoors are installed on poles. This is to make sure that every space has proper lighting. But not all of the parking lot poles are the right height. The poles have to be high enough so that the light will not get in the way of the line of sight of pedestrians. Especially in the line of sight for people driving cars. But the poles still have to be high enough to reach the pavement or the ground. This is to make sure that people can see what they are walking on and also so they can see possible obstacles or dangers on the pavement.

Wrong Spacing of the Fixtures

While vertical space is important in lighting, it is also important to consider horizontal space. You want your lights spaced just far enough from each other so that there are no dark spots or blind spots, but you also do not want to overcrowd your lighting. Overcrowding your light fixtures can overlap and provide too much light pollution. This is also less efficient and can cause additional energy costs because of having too many light fixtures in your area.

Waiting Too Long to Install LED lighting

Most parking lot owners hesitate to upgrade to LED parking lot lights because of the cost. But this hesitation is actually much more costly. You have to remember that each day that you do not install or upgrade to LED, you will be paying for your costly traditional lights. Delaying on this upgrade can cost you money with energy savings every day.