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Engineering Solutions by Tetrus

Streamlined custom-engineered LED lighting solutions for YOUR special projects

Engineering for Customized LED lights

Many times, special projects call for custom-made solutions. But, other times, you want to achieve ultra-efficiency and so you fit your facilities and outdoor areas with made-to-order lights. As seasoned providers of LED lighting solutions, we understand your need of getting the right fit for the right application. And, if you’ve been searching for a manufacturer to put the perfectly tailored product into your hands, you’ve come to the right place. In other words, we are here to help you!

custom led lighting
customized led lights

In-house Engineering for Custom LED lighting

Our engineering department has developed and streamlined a very efficient custom engineering system. Accordingly, we can design and build custom lighting in maximum 3 months. Of course, depending on the complexity of the project, we could do it in less than three months.

We analyze your needs so that we gain in-depth understanding of your application. Then, we provide you with an engineering concept that solves your difficulties. Once you are happy with the concept, we complete detailed designs and engineering drawings. Finally, we develop and test the prototype before we get you the desired finished product.

Everything is done in house. Hence, we have complete control of our processes, from concept to finished product. For instance, our engineering system eliminates communication issues. Furthermore, it allows us to devise a better and more affordable product for our clients.

Custom Lighting Solutions that save money

LED technology is, without a doubt, the future of industrial-grade lighting applications. Why? Because it saves huge amounts of money via a longer lifespan and higher efficacy. In addition, LED technology ensures a better measure of useful lumens at the surface of interest. While this may be true, not all LEDs are the same. In contrast to other LED products, Tetrus LED fixtures represent a one-time investment with long-term benefits. Why? Since they are serviceable and standardized, you only have to buy them once. In addition, they have the highest lumen output in the LED industry and benefit from multi-patented light distribution.

Of course, you can take the inherent energy-saving characteristic of LED to the next level by choosing customized lighting. Accordingly, a custom-engineered solution optimized for your environment will give you the best light distribution, controllability, and lumen output. Thus, you will achieve the ultimate level of energy efficiency and savings. If you want to learn more about our engineering process, we are here to answer all your questions! Call us today or contact our custom engineering team! And, one of our engineers will gladly provide you with answers to all your questions! We are here to help you!