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Key Considerations for Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

Parking lot lighting solutions are an essential part of any big business with a large structure or building. You want your establishment to provide a well-lit and spacious parking space that can provide both safety and visibility. Sometimes, you will need to improve your lighting to maximize your parking space. But before you do anything, here are some things to consider before making the big change.

Parking Lights Structure

When you are designing your parking lot with lamp posts and lighting poles, you have to first consider the design. If this is the first time that you will be installing parking lot lights then you have to get the most effective yet durable. The light is also a big factor to consider. The best options right now, are LED parking lights. They are designed to support single or double lots, and they can fit in well with most designs. They are also the best option in terms of parking light energy usage.

LED lights are also efficient and they last a long time. They also produce light that can be controlled. This means that your parking lot with have more spaces that are lit up in uniform, which in turn will increase overall visibility.  Outdated lamp types, such as HID lamps, are no longer used for new parking lot light installments and they are slowly getting phased out.

Parking lot Lights Usage

parking lot lighting solutions

Another factor to consider is the usage of the parking lot space. The parking lot lights have to provide even lighting without any glare. This can be done if it will be installed in a new parking lot, but considerations have to be made if you’re retrofitting an existing parking lot for new lights. Usage also means calculating the brightness of your lamps. This means looking to see if you are providing the correct levels of lighting or providing too much.

Too much light can be a bad thing. Not only is it a waste of electricity and energy, but it can also generate light pollution. Light pollution occurs when inappropriate or excess artificial light is used. This can occur when the brightness is too much, or if the parking lot lighting overlaps in some areas. Too much light can also cause glare, which is another form of light pollution.

Parking Lot Lumens

When it comes to parking lot lighting solutions, Lumens is an important term to learn. Put simply, the lumen is a unit that measures the amount of perceived light given through a solid angle by a single source. This is a new term that is used more often these days. More people are more familiar with the measurement of watts of power used. But with LED lighting, the wattage does not apply to the amount of light given. That is why lumens is a more appropriate term.

One of the best qualities of LED lights is that they can provide more lumens per wattage than traditional lamps. LED lights are also directional compared to HID lights which are Omnidirectional. Not only does this make it more efficient, but you can focus more lumens on a particular area. Knowing this can help you pick out what type of LED lamp you want to place for your parking lot lights.

Luminous Efficacy

parking lights

Luminous Efficacy is how well your parking lot lights produce light and how much energy it takes to create visible light. The light that is produced is measured by the amount of energy that could be lost as heat from the light source. Luminous efficacy also helps in measuring the lumens per watt and how efficient your light source will be.

Luminous efficacy helps to tell if the light bulbs in your parking lot lamps are efficient. The higher the efficacy, the more efficient and economic your light bulb is. A high luminous efficacy rate means that your light bulb produces a lot of light for a low amount of power. This information is helpful when you are making exterior lighting decisions because it can help determine how many lamps posts your will need for your space.

Mounting Lights

The mounts for your parking lot are also an important factor. There are several different kinds of mounts that you can use. The most common mounts that are used are the straight arm mounts, trunnion mounts, and slip fitters. Other lighting mounts include knuckle mounts, pole mounts, wall plates, and yoke mounts. There are specific kinds of mounts for certain kinds of poles. The type of wall mount that you have will depend on the lighting poles that you use.

This can be done easier because most lighting poles will immediately tell you in their product description which mounts are suitable for each specific lighting pole. If you are installing new parking lot lighting, you should first check the specifications on the lighting poles so that you will know which mounts to use.

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