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Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions

First things first. Those lights that are mounted on the front and back of your vehicle are called parking lights. Unfortunately, in this day and age, a lot of car owners think of parking lights as a complicated puzzle. They don’t really utilize them properly. But these lights are still used by car owners as an substitute for headlights when there is low light visibility present. Now, let’s dive in and look into why parking lot lights are made and how to effectively utilize them on the road.

What Are Parking Lights?

Parking lot lights are also known as side lights. They produce a small beam of light which you usually notice near the car’s headlights. As per the car manufacturers, the concept of side lights’ location at the front and back of the vehicle is to let other vehicle owners know the position of other drivers on the road.

Currently made cars now have a feature where your side lights automatically come on. However, for some cars manufactured before 2011, the driver may have to manually turn them on. Whenever you’ll use your side lights, you’ll see the parking lights symbol light up in the instrument panel. Whenever your visibility gets a bit dark, it’s best to turn them on. This is usually around sunrise and when nighttime sets in. Using side lights helps you manage traffic on the road, but it should be utilized properly.

The most basic reason why parking lot lights are created is to let other drivers know whether you are going to turn or stopping your car. The lights produce a dim illumination so as to not use up your car’s battery source. Because of this, you can keep them on while your vehicle is parked.

How Do I Utilize Parking Lights?

Parking lights are used to help you when you’re parking your vehicle. When you slow down, these lights will turn on. These lights will give other drivers the indication of your intention when they see the side light indicators flashing. These parking lights are compulsory when you park your car. You can also use them as warning lights. Having them flash will indicate to other drivers that there is something wrong with your vehicle. Whenever you’re in traffic or have problems with your brakes, you can also use them to let other drivers be wary of you on the road or parking lot.

Parking Lights Rules

One parking rule is it is best to keep your parking lot lights on when your car is successfully parked. Some countries may penalize you when you turn off your parking lights right away after parking. But this is not a compulsory thing. Some states are a bit more lax with this law. There are some areas which take this law seriously, but some areas will allow you to nonchalantly park without having to turn your parking lots on.

Wintertime, Fog And Parking Lights

Parking lights are great for wintertime and whenever you come into contact with fog. This lighting provides a level of safety while driving in these conditions. Some vehicles allow for only one parking light. This not only tells other drivers of your position, but it also saves you a lot of energy from your battery. Having one of two side lights gives you the same advantage with less energy consumption.

Some of the more current vehicles have an automatic option. The side lights will stay turned on until you will turn off the ignition of your vehicle. This is why these lights are also known as daytime running lights. There are numerous types of parking lights. And these are depending on its usage. Some examples are separate lamp, headlight housing and indicator-based. It’s best to look into how each is used to fully utilize them.


Having parking lot lights provides you the help you need while driving. They let other drivers know when you intend to make a turn on the road or when you are going to slow down. These lights also serves as warning indicators to other drivers as well when you use them. This will help everybody be able to safely navigate the road. The best thing to do now is to be aware of any parking laws applicable in your country. This is to keep everybody safe on the road and it will also make you a law abiding citizen.