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LED lighting sytem for hospitals


There is one thing that is important in hospitals, and that is lighting. It does, after all, have an important role in productivity and health. Currently, hospitals find that upgrading to an LED lighting system has an important impact on just about every operational aspect of a hospital. 


LEDs Provide Savings and Safety

LED lighting systems are known for their money-saving and energy-saving capabilities (Tetrus’ LED lights can save hospitals up to 60%!). LEDs can also improve a hospital’s performance. They can help improve the patients’ experience, the staff’s overall satisfaction and performance, and the recovery time of patients. You’re also looking at a reduction in errors and accidents. Patients and staff will feel safe as they navigate from the parking lot area through the hospital building. These advantages not only save the hospital’s cost of energy but also provide a lot of financial benefits to the hospital.


Hospital Patient and Staff Experience 

Today’s healthcare design is created by several factors. With the changes brought by the ACA (Affordable Care Act), we see a link between the reimbursement of rates that hospitals get and the satisfaction of patients — the bottom-line issue being patient satisfaction. Hospitals are trying to decrease their energy consumption by becoming more efficient and making sure they use their available yet limited space.

It is no surprise that LED lighting can help in these areas just mentioned. Hospitals essentially live off lighting systems 24/7, so it plays a very crucial role in a hospital’s everyday operation. If a hospital were to use the automation feature offered by an LED lighting system, for example, they would experience quality lighting and a positive response towards human behavior and needs.


LED Lighting is the Best Way to Welcome Patients and Staff

The first thing patients or hospital staff encounter at the hospital is the parking lot area. If a hospital has a dimly lit or dark parking lot it can be a dangerous spot for any individual. Not only that, but patients and staff can slip, fall, and encounter any number of accidents if a hospital’s parking lot isn’t properly lit. This dilemma does give any hospital a lot of stress. It contributes to the worsening of a patient’s health and it does not help the overall productivity of the hospital’s staff members. Having a very unwelcoming parking lot also discourages visitors – who provide a lot of moral and mental support.

A well-lit parking lot area will provide a huge sense of security for visitors, patients, and staff members alike. Any hospital’s parking lot should provide a welcoming and safe feeling to anybody who enters the hospital grounds. This also is the same for the interior of the hospital, its corridors, waiting rooms, reception areas, and so much more.


LEDs Can Help With the Healing Phase

There are a lot of studies that have shown a lot of evidence of the connection between the healing of patients and proper lighting. For one, the time when the McLaren Health Care System in Michigan did an LED lighting system upgrade to its 11 primary hospitals, they saw that LED automation systems could help reduce noise in hospitals. What they did was dim the lights at a certain time during the evening. This made people in the hospital premises settle down which allowed patients to rest more.

Doctors and nurses also performed a whole lot better with LED lights. Studies have shown that medical personnel can make better decisions in brightly lit rooms. Adequate lighting is essential to their overall performance. A brightly lit room also helps lower stress levels and errors made by medical personnel.


Hospitals Can Save Space and Maintenace Costs

One essential asset in hospitals is space. Since LED lights last quite a long time, hospitals do not need to store extra lights in case burnout occurs. At the same time, because of their long lifespan, LED lights do not need constant monitoring or maintenance. Hospitals can save on maintenance costs as well.



Hospitals would greatly benefit from an LED lighting system. It provides safety to patients and staff, boosts the overall performance of its medical staff, and helps the hospital save on operational costs, space, and maintenance costs. Tetrus can help find the best lighting system for your hospital so that you can provide the best hospital to your patients and staff members.