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hospital led parking lot lights


When people think of an LED lighting system, the first thing that comes to mind is savings. The one thing that people don’t think of off the top of their heads is that hospital LED parking lot lights also help the environment.

Hospitals are known to use traditional lighting systems like fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs. These traditional lights consume a lot of energy and can also cause more illnesses to already sick people. Hospitals also tend to use these lights just about anywhere — hallways, lobbies, patient rooms, bathrooms, parking lots, and the like. A switch to an LED parking lot lighting system would greatly contribute to hospitals, and here are three reasons why.


LED Parking Lot Lights Has No Health Risks

LED lights do not have any harmful chemicals. Because they are not harmful they do not contribute to any patient health risks. Traditional lights such as fluorescent lights contain Mercury. This can be very harmful to already sick patients. If a fluorescent light were to break in your parking lot and a patient came into contact with the substance, it could be very harmful. The patient’s skin could be harmed if they were to come into contact with the substance or even inhale it. This is because Mercury is very toxic to human skin.

Other traditional lighting systems emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In small doses, UV rays are quite harmless. When you have patients and staff who constantly come in and out of parking lots at all hours of the day and get continuously exposed to your lighting system, then it can contribute to skin damage. 


Will the Hospital Save on Operational Costs with LED lights?

Conversion to an LED parking lot lighting system will save hospitals quite a lot in the long run. One great feature most LED lights have is that their batteries have a self-control or automation feature. What this means is these lights can dim their illumination when the area has enough natural lighting. This LED light feature will greatly help hospitals save on electricity bills, especially when hospitals see quite a lot of traffic in their parking lots daily.

LED parking lot lights also have a longer lifespan. They usually last about 40 to 50 times longer than their traditional counterparts. Because of this, having an LED lighting system will reduce downtime and maintenance costs. LED lights are also sturdy. They do not damage easily to any environmental condition they are exposed to. Replacements and maintenance of your LEDs will not happen as often as your currently installed traditional lights.


How About Quality?

Yes, hospitals require a quality lighting system in every nook and cranny. LED parking lot lights will provide the best illumination and cover most areas. The automation or self-control feature of an LED lighting system will ensure that patients and staff are safe by reducing the brightness when needed. This reduces accidents and theft in hospital parking lots. Patients and staff can rely on LEDs to keep them safe while they navigate from the hospital parking lot to the hospital lobby.



Hospital LED parking lot lights are very beneficial. They are not as harmful as their traditional counterparts, can help hospitals save on electric bills and maintenance costs, and provide the quality lighting a hospital needs. Tetrus can help you choose and convert to the best LED lighting system for your hospital. We are happy to help in any way we can!