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shopping center parking lot lights


With recent global events, shopping centers should think of ways to reduce their operating expenses while increasing customer satisfaction. A shopping center’s parking lot can rack up a high electricity bill. It is also the first part of your shopping center that will attract customers. We’ll look into how your customer satisfaction will increase once you convert to LED parking lot lighting.


Customer Safety Guaranteed

The U.S. has a projected 230 million drivers. It isn’t a surprise that there are a lot of driver-induced accidents in parking lots each year. The main reason drivers get into accidents is poor lighting and visibility. Converting to an LED lighting system for your shopping center’s parking lot can help increase safety for its customers, drivers, and pedestrians. LEDs will also decrease your liability for any customer accidents in your parking lot areas.


The Shopping Center’s Customer Experience

Aside from your customer’s safety, a well-lit parking lot would mean a better visual experience. Customers will feel safe while walking to and from the parking lot to your shopping center. A well-lit parking lot will attract customers because it shows how inviting your shopping center is and of course how safe your parking lot is. It will also make customers feel safe enough to return to your shopping center continuously.

LED Lighting Protects Your Customer

Crimes, vandalism, and theft are rampant in dark areas. To top it off, 10% of crimes are committed on parking lots. Alarmingly, 80% of crimes happen in shopping center parking lot areas. Having a well-lit parking lot will help reduce such rates in your shopping center. An LED parking lot lighting system would best help decrease your customer’s exposure to crime, vandalism, theft,


Provide Customers with Better Visibility

LEDs can keep their brightness continuously unlike their traditional counterparts. Because LEDs can provide continuous lighting, this means your customers don’t have to worry that they’ll be walking in a brightly lit lot one minute and then a flickering lot the next. An LED lighting system can also ensure that your shopping center’s parking lot area is well-lit. Your customers won’t have to worry about too much glare. Their eyes can quickly adjust and see around them in your parking lot.



Converting to LED parking lot lights will benefit your customers exponentially. They will feel safer, have more visibility, and be protected from theft and crime. Your shopping center can also attract more customers and convert them into loyal customers who would always like to come back to your shopping center. Tetrus is happy to help your shopping center convert to LED parking lot lights. We can help you choose the best lighting system that will help you save on operating costs and maintenance costs. Tetrus will also help you attract and keep customers through a great LED parking lot lighting system.