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Restaurant LED Outdoor Lighting


It’s easy to forget about your restaurant’s lighting system when you’re starting your restaurant. However, restaurant owners have to realize that outdoor lighting plays an important part. LED outdoor lighting can help set the ambiance of your restaurant and make your customers feel safe and comfortable. These few reasons are why restaurant owners and managers should never underestimate great outdoor lighting.


Does Outdoor Lighting Matter?


First impressions last. A restaurant with a great design, ambiance and food will not attract customers if the outside looks dark and dingy. Your restaurant will want to provide a great impression from the outside, extending to the inside. LED outdoor lighting will help customers feel safe and welcomed off the bat.

Remember, a great outdoor lighting system can make or break your customers’ dining experience. 


What Should Restaurants Take Note Of?


Remember, it’s important to know the level of brightness your restaurant should have. Your outdoor lighting should be bright enough to let customers know you’re there but not too bright to blind them! On top of that, restaurant owners and managers should choose a lighting system that can withstand the different seasons. LED lights are a perfect option due to their durability and long life span. 

Don’t forget to invest in high-quality LED lighting fixtures as well. And lastly, contact a lighting professional to help get your restaurant’s lighting system set up.

Why LEDs for Restaurant Outdoor Lighting?


LED light bulbs help your restaurant save a lot of energy. They’re more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. LED lights also do not have any harmful components and because of that, they are more environmentally friendly. CFL bulbs, for example, contain mercury. You will have to make sure that these bulbs are properly disposed of when it’s time to replace the bulb. 

Another reason why an LED lighting system is a great option for your restaurant is that LED lights stay cool. They do not emit as much heat as traditional lights. LEDs produce little to no UV light which, in turn, does not attract insects to your establishment.




Your outdoor lighting system has to be bright enough to make customers know your establishment exists and make them feel safe at the same time. An outdoor LED lighting system works great with restaurants because they last longer, are great for the environment, and can weather the changing seasons. And always remember to purchase good quality fixtures and employ the help of lighting professionals to ensure your restaurant LED outdoor lighting system will be top-notch. You can always call us at Tetrus for a consultation on how we can help you take your restaurant to the next level.