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When you are thinking about upgrading your parking lot to have better lights, there are so many options to choose from. But you have to start by thinking about what is best for your parking lot structure and its customers. In regards to this question, the best overall option you have out there is LED parking lot lights. And one of the best ways to get this is by retrofit LED Lights. Let’s take a close look at retrofitting and how it can be done for your parking lot.

Replacing Parking Lot Lights

When upgrading the lights of your parking lot, the first option should be to replace all the fixtures of your structure. If the price is right, using a fixture that is compatible with LED technology makes sure that the lights you use have a modern look, high measured illuminations, and proper heat sink dissipation. This also helps in time management because it is faster to simply slide off the old fixture and slide on the new bulbs.

Upgrading with Retrofit LED Hardware

It is not always realistic to completely replace your parking lot fixtures with new ones. Mostly, this is because of costs and how overall aesthetics of the existing fixtures are. So the next best option is to retrofit your fixtures with LED lights. Retrofitting a light bulb can get intricate. There is more to it than just replacing old bulbs with new ones. The old fixtures will have to be replaced and the ballasts replaced with drivers for the LED. However, there can be cases when rewiring of existing sockets can be used to be compatible with LED lights. Retrofit LED Lights

What to Consider when Retrofitting for LED Lights

There are a lot of elements to consider before retrofitting your parking structure with LED lights. One of the most important things to consider is age. While LED lights are efficient, they may not be used to their full potential with certain fixtures because of head dispersion designs. This may have to be adjusted to add fans to the bulb. This lengthens the process and adds costs. You should also consider how the light coming out of your LED lights can be controlled with different fixtures. Old fixtures usually have reflectors which may not work as well for LED bulbs. There are also fixtures that cater to Omni-directional lamps as opposed to directional lamps. This could help in maximizing light dispersion or hinder the full illumination potential of each lamp.

Advances in LED technology

There have been so many different improvements in LED lights and LED technology in the past few years. There are new designs and shapes so that LED lights and lamps can be used in almost all situations and locations. This could help you in your decision whether or not to use LED lights and completely replace your lamps, or simply retrofit your fixtures with new LED parking lot lights. Finding the right fixture, and the right LED lamp for your parking lot should be the top priority.