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Shopping Center LED Lighting Solutions by Tetrus

A well-lit shopping center inspires a sense of trust, safety, and security

Shopping Center LED Lighting Solutions – The Tetrus Advantage

Happy anchor tenants and inline tenants are the lifeline of a shopping center. Thus, a visually appealing, well-lit location drives foot traffic to your shopping center and generates more business for your tenants. However, Shopping Center LED Lighting consumes huge amounts of energy that doesn’t translate into quality light.

LED is the future of outdoor lighting and Tetrus is at the forefront of the LED industry leading the outdoor LED lighting sector. Therefore, our outdoor LEDs feature a unique modular design as well as the highest efficacy on the market. As a result, you can achieve significant energy savings while bringing more business to your tenants.

Shopping Center LED Lighting

An End-to-End Partner for Your Outdoor LED shopping mall Lighting Needs

LED lighting partner- Tetrus.

Tetrus is not your typical vendor. Hence, we create our own products, manufacture them top-to-bottom, and test them to exceed industry standards. Furthermore, we sell them as a customized package designed to be the perfect match for your specific lighting needs. And, we finance your retrofit, honor our warranty, and service our fixtures through a national network of Tetrus-certified technicians.

In addition, we answer your calls! Tetrus seeks to become your light-time, top-to-bottom LED lighting partner. Consequently, you can focus on filling vacancies and funneling resources to your most coveted spaces to prevent losing anchor tenants. Since you have a bright, visually appealing property, you can tend to your business while our lights save you money.

The Best LED Fixtures for Quantifiable Financial Benefits

Tetrus designs and manufactures the best commercial-grade outdoor LED lights on the market. Thus, our lights bring you 160 lumens per watt, i.e., 25-60% more lumens than any outdoor LED lights. Subsequently, you can start saving money by paying 90% less on your energy bills.

The modular design of our lights reduces your maintenance costs to a fraction of your current costs. Additionally, our multi-patented light distribution pattern provides the best overall illumination on your property. And, you can now afford to reduce your tenants’ CAM fees. Additionally, the payback on Tetrus LED lights is amazingly short, i.e., 12 to 18 months.

You can start enjoying a lifetime of energy savings knowing you will never ever have to replace those fixtures again. Due to our innovative modular design, you simply have to replace the malfunctioning part, not the entire fixture.

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The TETRUS Pledge to Your Shopping Mall lighting

A member of the Illuminating Engineering Society that determines codes and standards for lighting used across the globe, Tetrus has been in the outdoor lighting business for over three decades. We are not in the business of selling lightbulbs and fixtures. We’re in the business of keeping your business looking its best and becoming your trusted partner – Your LED Partner for a Light-Time – and here is how:


Engineered FOR Life for Low Maintenance

A Tetrus LED fixture for your outdoor areas is made from several 50W LED modules so that even when one goes out, our fixture will continue to glow while we ship a replacement module to you. The Tetrus modular design saves you money long term because you never have to replace our fixtures. The serviceability of our fixtures saves you money because our fixtures are quick and easy to service so that you can enjoy reduced maintenance costs. Unlike other LEDS that are engineered to fail in 2-5 years, our fixtures are engineered for life!


Your Shopping Center - A Nighttime Magnet

Tetrus doesn’t sell you some LED fixtures; Tetrus sells you the LED fixtures that are the best fit for the unique needs of your shopping center. We perform a photometric analysis on your location so that your shopping center becomes the star of the street when the sun goes down (or earlier!). Tetrus is the partner who helped make it that way and will help to keep it that way for decades to come.


Stay Cash Flow Positive with the BEST LEDs

Did you know that the average shopping center is wasting $1,500 to $4,000 a month on outdated lighting technology, a technology that hasn’t changed in 50 years? The Tetrus LED fixtures save you $2,000 or more a month. Subsequently, even if you choose to pay in full for the lights, your payback remains short, i.e., 12-14 months. However, we can still save you $2,000 a month AND also finance your retrofitting project. Subsequently , the savings our LEDs will generate for your business will pay for the fixtures while you remain cash flow positive. 


High Efficacy, Toughness, Water Resistance

With Tetrus, you pay the same price for better, stronger LED light fixtures. Our fixtures are made to withstand storms, nor’easters and horizontal rain, as well as the fury of vandals or criminals. They are literally sledgehammer-tough and ocean-proof. Plus, our LEDs feature the highest efficacy in the industry so you can enjoy durable, cost-efficient LEDs equipped with the best light distribution.

Better Designed LED lights for Shopping Malls

Other LED suppliers hide behind answering machines when it’s time to honor their warranties. For them, it’s simply not sustainable to honor your warranty because they need to replace an expensive fixture.

Tetrus is different because we only need to replace a small 50W LED that is always on stock, but never the whole fixture. In addition, it’s affordable to ship anywhere in the US. Most importantly, a human being will always answer your call!

shopping mall lighting

The Bottom Line: A Partnership not a One-time Deal

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Tetrus is an American company that designs, manufacturers, and warranties. We will look out for you now, after the sale, and way after the sale. Moreover, we will bring you affordable upgrades when the time comes; not complete retrofits. We will be here in the next decades as we’ve been in the past decades. We are your light-time partner!

If you are ready to upgrade to LED lighting, call us or schedule a meeting with an LED lighting specialist! Contact our team and request shopping center-specific data to learn more about LED lighting in the context of your specific location and business type!