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LED Outdoor Parking Pole Lights to Optimize Light Distribution & Visibility

Parking lot lights that remain durable and reliable through any weather and provide great visibility to you and your customers every day!

Customized Solutions for LED Parking Lot Lights and Outdoor Pole Lights

Congestion in parking areas, car owners struggling to find a suitable spot, etc. seems to be a daily scenario. And the reason could very likely be improper parking lot lighting systems that don’t serve their purpose of installation.

But with the right LED parking lot lights, comes enhanced efficiency and longevity that get you better and brighter illuminated parking areas than traditional lights.

Parking lot LED lights don’t only illuminate the whole parking place uniformly but also ensure safety at all times. You don’t even have to worry about maintaining them because they remain optimally functional for a longer time and bring down the overall maintenance costs.

Parking Lot Lights

Why do you Need Proper LED Parking Lights?

Parking lots are big empty spaces that have a huge rush of vehicles only during peak hours. If they are poorly lit, this can send an open invite to the thieves and burglars to break into vehicles. But when you have proper parking lot lights, the whole parking space gets illuminated well and makes the area safer for vehicles and other people. Vehicles and people can also be saved from unfortunate situations like injuries and accidents.

Unlike other lighting solutions, the light output from LED lights degrades much more slowly. This means you can get the benefits of better, brighter, and uniform illumination all around the space for longer.

Why Tetrus LED Lights can be the Best Option for you.

At Tetrus, we understand that parking lot lights are a big investment and when someone is looking for LED parking lot lights, they are trying to find the best energy-saving options that will last the longest. From reducing the cost of maintenance to finding a much safer solution for their parking areas, a lot of things need to be considered.No matter what type of business it is, a well-lit parking lot can help you make a great impression on your customers and clients. Along with the aesthetic appeal, the right pole lights can help you generate better quality light at no extra cost. For extra savings, you can go for options like lighting controls that turn lights on when they are needed and off when they are not.

Tetrus- Offering the Right Lighting for the Visibility you need

Tetrus is not just another LED lighting company but your trusted partner when you need high visibility and improved security for exterior applications. With the right devices in our inventory, we give you the option to pick the right lighting solutions needed for your project. With the pole lights we install, we minimize dark areas, enhance safety, and eliminate the need for maintenance. Here’s what you get with us:


Improved Security around the Building

A well-lit parking space doesn’t only help people navigate barriers and obstacles but can also help avoid safety hazards. Because of the higher color rendering index of our LED bulbs, you get superior quality lighting in your parking areas. You get the benefits of more accurate colors with brighter illumination without high energy consumption.


Longer Lasting Fixtures

The quality of parking lot lights doesn’t only have to do with the illumination they offer but also with the fixtures that are used for installation. We use the best quality materials when it comes to lighting fixtures that are meant to stand strong regardless of the weather they have to go through while exceeding the standards in the industry.


Lower Energy Costs

With LED parking lot lights, you don’t only get the benefits of brighter illumination but also lower energy consumption that can save up to 50% of the total consumed energy. We spent years to come up with lighting systems that fully convert electricity into illumination while limiting energy waste.


Reliable Customer Support

Our 24/7 customer support team is there to help you with anything you are facing issues with your parking lot lights. When we have said that we offer a warranty for the products and services we deliver, we truly mean it. Every time you face any issue with your lights, you know who to call for help no matter what time it is.

LED Parking Light

Custom Made Tetrus LED Lighting Solutions for every Nook and Corner

When you are looking for more evenly distributed across the intended surface. Tetrus is the company that you must get in touch with for your parking lot lights requirements. By this, we don’t mean to say that you will get the same kind of lighting solutions that we delivered to our previous clients. It will just be for you!

All client requirements are as unique as their businesses. So, without understanding your requirements properly, we will never create a plan for lighting up your parking. Even if it requires us to give you several visits and examine the area, we will take every possible step to understand what you need.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and we will help you understand the best options we have for you based on your industry and location. We can also provide you with all the help and consultation you need to make your decision.