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LED Parking Lot Lighting and the Financial Benefits Your Auto Dealership Will Enjoy



Now is the right time to retrofit your outdated parking lot lighting system. Consider an LED parking lot lighting system, it is the best move your auto dealership will make. Bottom line, your auto dealership will not only save a lot of money on maintenance costs but also provide your clients and employees the safety they deserve!


What Are LED Parking Lot Lights?


LED lights, hands down, are the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, and well-balanced technology for auto dealership parking lots. The LED lighting system is specifically made for parking lots. The LED lighting system was created to stand up to bad weather conditions your parking lot will face and provide the best lighting for your clients and employees when they walk through your parking lot.


LED parking lot lights provide the best lighting. They shine brighter than their traditional lighting competitors and give a more vibrant feel to your parking lot. Having a properly lit parking lot decreases the possibility of accidents and criminal activity in your parking lot. Your auto dealership can avoid liability issues when your parking lot has the necessary lighting. You won’t have to worry about late-night accidents or robberies at dark spots where your lighting system won’t hit.


Also, keeping outdated lighting systems running full time during nighttime will assure a high energy bill. Retrofitting your existing lighting system with LED lights will save you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars yearly.


Will I Need A Lot of Maintenance?


For one, your auto dealership will see lower maintenance costs. The lifespan of LED parking lot lights is longer than traditional lighting systems such as metal halide lights. LED lights typically last 10 years which means that you do not need maintenance personnel to always monitor your lighting system. Installing LED lights would mean that you won’t need to constantly replace burnt-out lights.


What About Our Energy Usage?


LED lights are energy efficient, even more than HID lights. When your auto dealership retrofits LED lights you can expect an 80% decrease in energy usage. LEDs do consume, on average, 300 watts/hour while HID lights consume 100 watts/hour. Also, LED lights do not need to warm up when you would turn them on. HID lighting systems on the other hand needs at least 10 minutes to warm up before you are able to light up your parking lot.


How Can LED Lighting Improve Our Security, Visibility, and Appearance?


A well-lit parking lot will prevent crime and vandalism. Having no dark spots in your parking lot would lessen hiding spots for potential robbers.


Having a brighter parking lot will also attract business. Motorists are able to see your auto dealership better and be enticed to look into your business. Yes, your business may not operate at night, but it will make an impact on clients who pass by your auto dealership during those hours.


LED lights also have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Your auto dealership can program the LED lighting system to suit your lot’s overall look and feel. Adjusting your parking lot lighting system may not be as essential as your indoor lighting system, but it does provide great options when your auto dealership has special events outdoors.


Do I Save Money Converting to LED Lights?


HID lights use a lot of energy, way more than LED lights. Your auto dealership will see a big difference in your electricity bill especially when you have a significantly large parking lot. Also, having a very sturdy and long-lasting lighting system means you won’t need costly maintenance personnel on beck and call. With that being said, you can enjoy quite a bit of saving when it comes to your operating budget.




Your auto dealership will enjoy big savings when you retrofit your traditional parking lot lights to LED lights. You will not need a lot of maintenance, your electric bill will go down and you can assure your clients’ and employees’ safety. LED parking lot lights will not only save your dealership money but also generate new business when your auto dealership’s overall look is properly showcased by the lighting LED lights can provide.