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Hotel LED Parking Lot Lights


Hotels use a lot of electricity. A lot of a hotel’s expense comes from its day-to-day operations, which usually start with a well-lit hotel entrance, lobby, rooms, recreation rooms, and hotel parking lots. With that being said, it is essential for a hotel to invest in lighting fixtures that not only save money but also last long and contribute to its overall appearance. LED parking lot lights can and will help in all these aspects. Let’s take a closer look at how an LED parking lot lighting system can not only help with your hotel’s operational expenses but make it appealing to guests.


LED Parking Lot Lights Retrofits

Most hotel owners do not jump at the idea of converting over to LED parking lot lights. The main reason is because of the upfront costs. One option hotels can take into consideration are LED parking lot lights retrofits. One kit is all you need. An LED retrofit will allow you to easily change your existing traditional bulbs. One great reason to highly consider a retrofit is it not only gives you the option to save on upfront costs for a lighting system conversion but it also allows your hotel to keep its original lighting design.

An LED retrofit is also a great option because of the number of lights the hotel needs to switch over. By switching to LED parking lot lights a hotel can enjoy lower energy consumption and cost while keeping its original parking lot lighting system layout.


Overall Savings You Get

A hotel needs to be very efficient. Every move has to be structured, from getting the rooms cleaned and made up to checking guests in and out. The same rule applies to hotel lighting. Hotel lighting has to be efficient and cost-effective.

Investing in LED parking lot lights will help any hotel save. Savings would start upon installation. LED lights are ahead in terms of efficiency when compared to traditional lighting systems. You’re looking at a bulb that can use 75% less energy than a traditional light bulb would. This means that you’re getting the same output while enjoying a lot more savings. In the long run, hotels will see a significant decrease in energy consumption and an increase in savings.

Aside from decreased energy consumption, LED lights have longer lifespans. A lot of LED lighting for parking lots averages about 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Hotels will be saving on maintenance and replacement costs due to LED parking lot lights’ long-lasting nature.

Even though it’s costly to convert over to LED parking lot lights, hotels can see an overall lowered cost in the long run. The high upfront costs will be offset by the lowered operating costs your hotel will experience in the upcoming months. Bottom line, hotels will save a lot of money just from converting over to LED parking lot lights. 


The Hotel’s Appearance

Traditionally, LED lights were only available in red. With the passage of time, technology improved. Now, LED lights come in a wide variety of colors. At present, LED lights are identical to traditional lighting. Converting to LED parking lot lights, for example, would mean that you have the power to choose the lighting which would best highlight your parking lot while enjoying the saving features LED lights offer. And because hotels can automate their LED lighting systems, they have the flexibility to choose how the LED lights will operate throughout the day.


The Power of LED Parking Lot Lights

LED parking lot lights are powerful as they are efficient. They can provide bright illumination for your guests while keeping up with efficient lighting. Having a lighting system that could help light up paths for your clients from the parking lot to the hotel entrance makes clients feel safe. They would also feel that their cars are safe under the bright LED lights. Also, even if your LED lights experience glitches they tend to dim instead of flicker constantly, which many guests find annoying.



LED parking lot lights for hotels are an excellent option. Hotels save more, they can keep their design layout if they want to use a retrofit kit, and they’re even able to automate their LED system. Here at Tetrus, we can help you find the best-LED lighting system that will make your hotel save the most in the long run and keep that alluring charm your guests know and love.