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Tips when choosing LED parking lot lights for your auto dealership


LED parking lot lights are quickly becoming the best option for auto dealership parking lots. LED parking lot lighting helps your auto dealership save on electricity costs. It is the most efficient system to date. The lifespan of LED lights and their efficiency are lightyears ahead of their traditional lighting system competitors.


Why LED Lighting for Parking Lots?


LEDs are made up of tiny lights that keep in a stable state, because of this LEDs do not have the same breaking or recycling problems that are characteristic of traditional lighting competitors. 


LED parking lot lights can release a high quality of light and they also provide a lot of lighting varieties which leads to a better financial investment for your auto dealership. Coupled with LED lights’ longer lifespan, easy-to-use nature, and automation features, your auto dealership can have a well-lit parking lot that will not break the bank.


LED Lights Provide Sufficient Lighting


Does your parking lot have sufficient lighting? This is the first question any auto dealership should ask. It is essential to have a sufficiently lit parking lot because it ensures the safety of your cars and clients. Your auto dealership’s parking lot should be able to provide an attractive and safe lot that motivates passing motorists to visit your parking lot. LED parking lot lighting will deliver quality lighting that will not only attract your clients but also provide a safe environment that they will appreciate while they walk through your dealership. 


Also, don’t forget that your auto dealership will experience harsh weather conditions, dark days its share of nights, and potential parking lot accidents. LED parking lot lights will be able to deliver sufficient, quality lighting in each of these scenarios while maintaining cost efficiency.


The Harsh Weather


LED parking lot lights can make your parking lot light up in the harshest of weather conditions. It can even imitate daytime lighting during nighttime. This is because LED lights provide natural white-colored light instead of your traditional orange or yellow-colored light bulbs. And because of its multidirectional capacity, your parking lot will see lesser dead spots.


LED Parking Lot Lights and Savings


Improving your parking lot lighting is one thing. Improving your auto dealership parking lot lighting while saving money at the same time is another thing. Parking lot lights, on average, work for 13 hours a day. With that being said, it is easy to have a lot of burnt-out light bulbs and have high electric bills. LED lights are an environment-friendly and affordable option than traditional light. You’ll be looking at a 50% reduction in your electric usage.


You Can Automate Your Lights


A lot of auto dealerships rely on their lighting systems 24/7 for safety and general appearance, and this can eat up a lot of electricity and give your auto dealership a costly electric bill. With an LED lighting system, you can opt for an automation process. You’ll be able to effectively control and optimize your LED parking lot lighting system by letting your lights use the minimum and maximum output you need at a given time.


Look into your Parking Lot Lights Height


It is just as important to look into your LED pole’s height because if you install a low pole you may not get sufficient lighting for your parking lot. Your auto dealership will not get the maximum range LED parking lot light can provide, and you will end up installing more poles and spending more money. On the other hand, if you install a necessary high pole you risk having your light spread too thinly.




LED parking lot lights are the best option for any auto dealership. They provide the best lighting for the best cost. Tetrus LED lights can provide your auto dealership with sufficient lighting you will need and help you save as much as you can in the long run.