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Unlock energy savings with no upfront cost!

We simplify energy efficiency. Our LED lighting solutions include installation, maintenance, and upfront costs. The energy savings generated are greater than our fee, so you start saving money from day one.

We are your “LED Partner for a Light-Time!”

Savings for Business Owners and the Planet

Tetrus remains at the forefront of the latest developments in LED technology. Tetrus is dedicated to making smart energy choices easy for businesses. Working with thousands of businesses, we have:



In energy savings



 energy efficient lights


300M lbs

of CO2 emissons anually

Discover the benefits of LED parking lot lights

We make designing, delivering, installing, and maintaining your lighting easier and more cost-effective than ever. Our lighting solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and deliver unmatched savings.

Guaranteed reduction in your energy bill

No upfront costs, net saving from day one

Hassle-free switchover, fully maintained

Significantly reduce your carbon footprint

The right light can save you money!

Experience LED parking lot lights

Eliminate the headaches of finding the right parking light solution!

When you choose Tetrus to be your LED lighting partner, you don’t have to worry about the quality, brightness, installation, and on-time delivery!

Smart Brands Choose Tetrus

        Our company is proud to partner with some of the top private and public brands in the country.

Our Latest Blog Posts

LED High Bay Lights: The Best Option For Your Commercial Buildings

LED high bay lights are basically made for commercial buildings which have mid to high ceilings. They are ideal fixtures for manufacturing areas, warehouses, storage spaces, gymnasiums, and barns. The reason being is that these lighting fixtures have very high lumen output.

5 LED Warehouse Lighting Benefits You Should Know About

Warehouse supervisors unfortunately do not really pay attention to their lighting systems. For most supervisors, if they could see relatively well inside their warehouse, then their lighting system is essentially good enough for them. The lighting system installed would be considered adequate. The thing is, in the process of accepting adequacy, supervisors don’t realize how much a lighting system impacts the overall operation of their warehouse.

LED High Bay Lights: Your Best Bet For Industrial and Commercial Lighting

High bay lights may be a familiar fixture for you visually if you own a huge industrial or commercial site. You most likely may not use that term if you needed to explain your lighting system though. But to define them, they are lighting fixtures made and installed for illuminating areas with high ceilings. Some regulations may define a high bay as a ceiling height of 15 feet, others may even say it’s 20 feet. But in reality, ceilings can be as high as 45 feet depending on the situation.

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