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LED Street Light Fixtures: Efficient and Durable Lighting Solutions

LED street lights are an energy and cost-efficient solution that will improve the safety of pedestrians and drivers, as well as protect property

Smart LED Street Light Fixtures for Enhanced Efficiency

Saving energy while improving road safety and reducing light pollution has become more and more of a concern for municipalities. In addition, legacy street lights fail to meet both illumination and economic performance requirements because of their wasteful nature. As a result, cities all over the world are transitioning to LED street lights due to their sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

LEDs can be adapted to provide no more than the level of illumination needed at any given time. Furthermore, they provide a higher level of control over the direction in which light is emitted. Consequently, upgrading to LED street light allows cities to better meet the illumination needs of complex transportation infrastructures.

led street lights

LED light emits a spectrum that supports safety, visibility, and health. In addition, LED makes it easier to reduce glare, light trespass, and upplight within this context. Thus, LED street light bulbs play a crucial role in preventing unpleasant and even fatal consequences to humans and wildlife.

The TETRUS Difference for LED Street Lights & Lamps

We are constantly using our experience and the latest advancements in LED science to improve the light application. Consequently, we can provide you with clear insights and advice on how to optimize your street lighting plan. If you are looking for street lights for sale, you have come to the right place. Hence, you will not only get the best possible LED streetlights for sale but gain a partner for a light-time. As a result, our lighting solutions company will always be here to assist you with all your street light needs. Here is the Tetrus difference:


Industrial-grade Durability for Standard Price

LED street lamps are a type of outdoor lighting. As a result, they are exposed to the elements as well as the anger or frustration of criminals and vandals. Therefore, they must comply with high standards of quality when it comes to moisture and dust penetration, vibration and impact resistance. Hence, our LEDs are not only ocean-proof, but also sledgehammer-tough.


End-to-end lighting partner

As a client-centered company, we believe in working directly with our clients. As a result, we can build long-term relationships based on trust. Thus, we seek to offer a comprehensive set of services so that our clients get everything they need under one roof. Consequently, our clients get affordable prices straight from the manufacturer, access to an installation network of certified technicians. Moreover, we offer financing, real warranty and service backed by a 24/7 service line, and advice upon request.


The Most Energy and Cost-efficient LEDs

LEDs can save up to 50-80% of the energy used by old bulbs. However, our LEDs feature a higher lumen output than other LEDs, which translates into up to 90% in energy savings. In addition, via multi-patented light distribution patterns we deliver only the level of illumination needed at any given time. Moreover, we reduce glare, light trespass, and uplight while we save even more money.


Low Maintenance Serviceable Modular Design

Any electrician can get inside one of our LED street lighting fixtures and replace a malfunctioning part. Hence, you never have to replace a whole fixture again. Furthermore, the LED component in any of our street light fixtures consists of several independent 50W LED modules. As a result, you still get light even when one of the LED modules goes out. All parts inside our fixtures are standard to allow for minimum maintenance costs and hassle and an extended service life.

TETRUS: Light-time Partner for LED Street Lighting & Fixtures

According to the National Safety Council, 50% of fatal car accidents occur during the night although we do only one-quarter of our driving at night. Fatigue, darkness, and impaired drivers are just some of the factors that make driving and walking during non-daylight hours dangerous. Thus, improved street light bulbs performance is one of the most efficient ways to discourage vandals and criminals and reduce the risk of accidents.

Based on the characteristics of LED light, retrofitting wasteful legacy lights to ultra-efficient LED street lights is imperative. If you are ready to buy street light bulbs for your city or real estate development, call us or schedule a meeting today! To learn more about street lighting and Tetrus LEDs, request more information relevant for your city!

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