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LED Tunnel Lighting Solutions

Tetrus LED tunnel lights create lighting for the perfect balance between economy, visibility and safety

High-Quality LED Tunnel Lighting Fixtures

With high efficacy and increased lifespan, LED science is changing the face of tunnel lighting. Thus, it brings tremendous benefits in terms of safety, driver experience, power savings, maintenance costs, and quality of light.

Whether it’s a traffic tunnel, a great road tunnel, an underpass, or a pedestrian tunnel, all tunnels require LED lights. Why? Because LEDs save money AND meet proper lighting requirements and keep traffic moving smoothly and without disruption.

Compared to LEDs, HID lights have much higher maintenance costs and a lower measure of useful lumens at the surface of interest. Also, they have lower CRI, lower lumen output, shorter lifespan, as well as lower energy efficiency.

LED Tunnel lights

Furthermore, HID lights require warm-up and cool-down time and offer minimum to no controllability and design flexibility. As a result, they cannot meet the specific requirements of each zone within a tunnel. In contrast, LEDs permit the creation of lighting concepts that provide the perfect balance between economy, visibility, and safety.

The TETRUS Difference: LED Tunnel Lighting

Tetrus is your one-stop LED tunnel lighting provider focused on offering clients the highest efficacy, most durable, and customizable lighting products. Also, we provide the most comprehensive set of services that include lighting installation, financing, warranty, and service.

Furthermore, we focus on providing you with the best customer experience. Thus, we have made sure a real person will always be there for you whenever you decide to get in touch with Tetrus. And, we are here for you whether you need information, guidance, or advice when it comes to tunnel lighting!

Tetrus has an innovative product design and whole system approach when putting together your light layout. In addition, our customer-centric business model allows us to devise the most appropriate lighting solution. Hence, you get the best performance with optimum efficiency in every tunnel application.


Tetrus LED Tunnel Lights for Minimum Operating Costs

The rapid climate change increases the need to meet budget objectives by cutting down energy, maintenance, and operating costs. Hence, budgets are growing tighter and requiring long-term planning. Therefore, it becomes essential to understand a lighting installation’s total context over its whole life time. To this purpose, we have equipped our LEDs with a 25-60% higher lumen efficacy than other LEDs.

Also, our serviceable modular standardized design affords reduced maintenance costs and an even longer lifespan. All of which add to the intrinsic energy saving nature of LEDs. Moreover, our multi-patented light distribution patterns concede a higher measure of useful lumens. In addition, it allows for greater controllability, which translates into optimized light performance and energy savings.


Serviceable LED Tunnel Lights for Minimum Maintenance Costs

Our modular standardized design affords convenient, quick, and easy serviceability and installation and minimizes maintenance time. All of which are great benefits considering that tunnels intrinsically offer limited closure possibilities without causing major disturbance. Moreover, our LED tunnel lights are designed to achieve the best-in-class longevity. Consequently, we attain minimum maintenance costs via durable, sledgehammer-tough and ocean-proof fixtures.


Unsurpassed Safety and Outstanding Comfort

With our LED tunnel lights, you have the design flexibility, feature controllability, and high lumen efficacy needed to meet the lighting design and performance requirements of each zone of the tunnel. For instance, tunnel entrances need high levels of light but little or no luminaire spacing. In contrast, the tunnel interior needs low levels of light with or without luminaire spacing.

You can customize your tunnel lights’ color temperature, light distribution, dimming capability, and CRI to achieve the best illumination performance. And, with our LEDs, you can ensure safety and keep traffic moving, while you curb energy consumption and maintenance costs.


Comprehensive Approach to LED Tunnel Lighting

We design your lighting layout with the entire system in mind. As a result, we can secure a similar lifetime expectancy for each luminaire wherever it is used. Consequently, we limit the inconveniences associated with replacements, as well as streamline routine maintenance.

Plus, as a one-stop shop, we offer you LED tunnel lighting solutions with your business in mind. Consequently, we make your life easier by putting at your disposal everything you need under one roof. Thus, we give you the best LED tunnel lighting products, installation, financing, warranty, post-sales service, advice.

The Bottom Line

Tunnel lighting is a multifaceted and challenging field, which leaves no room for compromise. Subsequently, the right choice of tunnel lighting is vital if you want to achieve the optimum level of illumination. Thus, you ensure drivers’ safety, improve drivers’ reaction time, and prevent abrupt changes in light intensity that confuse human eye.

Our mission is to become your light-time partner and trusted adviser for all your LED lighting needs. If you are ready to replace your tunnel lighting with efficient LEDs, call us or schedule a meeting with one of our experts! Also, you can request data specific to your type of project via our comprehensive online form!