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LED Wall Pack Lights for Enhanced Security

The right choice of wall-pack lights can enhance your property’s curb appeal as well as safety

High-Quality Commercial and Industrial LED Wall Pack Lights

Mounted on the outside facing buildings’ walls, wall pack lights are outdoor-grade lights designed to provide illumination to ground areas. Thus, vehicles and pedestrians frequent these areas and need to be well lit for safety reasons. Also, wall pack lights enhance the security of the facility.

Generally, multiple wall pack lights are strategically spaced to deliver even lighting around the grounds. When it comes to large commercial and industrial buildings, the cost of wall pack lighting is significant. Therefore, it justifies replacing wasteful HID lights with ultra-efficient and versatile outdoor LED wall pack lights.

LED wall pack lights

Why Choose LED Wall Pack Lights?

LED Wall Pack Lights

Due to a high CRI, LEDs are a better choice than low pressure or high-pressure sodium vapor lights. Thus, these lights are known for the worst color rendering on the market: their yellow, almost monochromatic light.

Despite decent CRI and foot-candle levels, metal halide lights are expensive to maintain. Also, they require warm-up and cool-down time and start flickering on and off and shifting colors with aging. Moreover, they give off a large percentage of the energy they consume as heat.

Furthermore, the lifetime of fluorescent lighting decreases if switched on and off. And, fluorescent lights require certain waste disposal procedures due to the presence of toxic mercury.

The TETRUS Difference for LED Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

We focus exclusively on commercial and industrial lighting and, within that sector, our niche is outdoor lighting. Thus, we have been servicing exterior industrial-grade lights for over thirty years. As a result, we have more industry-specific experience than any other LED supplier. Therefore, we employ our expertise to develop lights that surpass the capabilities of both legacy lighting and other LED lights.


The Lowest Maintenance Costs and Requirements in the Lighting Industry

Most LED fixtures are not serviceable, which results in significant maintenance costs. Hence, the whole expensive fixture must be replaced when the driver fails, or LEDs start dying. To avoid this pitfall, we have developed a serviceable modular fixture that allows for quick and easy service. And, it doesn’t matter which part of the fixture fails or when it fails. Since all parts are on stock and standardized, we ensure convenient and affordable maintenance. In addition, our wall pack lights are industrial-grade lights. Consequently, they are durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions or criminal blows.


One-stop Outdoor Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Tetrus offers a complete range of wall pack lights and a comprehensive set of lighting-related services. Thus, you get everything you need under one roof: development, manufacturing, sales, financing, lighting installation, warranty, and post-warranty servicing. For us, it is more important that you see us as your trusted advisor than completing a one-time deal. Why? Because we intend to sell you fixtures once and then take care of your lights with minimum costs for many years after your warranty period expires.


The Best Lighting Quality on the LED Market

It’s a fact that LED light outperforms all other technologies on foot candles, Color Rendering Index (CRI), and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). However, we have patented several light distribution patterns that lets us increase light efficiency when it comes to foot candles. Foot candles is a measure of efficiency. Hence, it compares the amount of light given off by a source to the amount of light hitting the surface of interest. Also, we believe efficiency is about the lumens you get at the surface of interest rather than the lumens you get at the source of light.


The Highest Energy Efficiency in the LED Industry

LEDs are intrinsically more efficient than conventional lights since they give off only a small percentage of the energy they use as heat. Our LED lights turn 95% of the energy they consume into actual light with only 5% given off as heat. In addition, our LEDs have the highest light output on the market so that you get even more light for the same wattage. Furthermore, our multi-patented light distribution patterns optimize the innate directional emission of LEDs to improve efficiency even more. So, based on minimum heat loss, the highest lumen output, and superior light distribution, our LED wall pack lights save the most energy on the market.

The Tetrus Light-time Pledge

Wall packs are mounted on a full range of commercial and industrial buildings. Therefore, our portfolio is diverse and includes car dealerships, hotels, hospitals, convenience stores, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, parking garages, etc. As a result, Tetrus can provide you with the right wall pack lights to suit the illumination and economic performance requirements of your specific setting. Why? Because, in our experience, each location has unique needs, and each business has unique preferences, expectations, requirements, and pains.

Moreover, we have a different approach to business. We don’t pass the blame to third-party contractors. Thus, we are fully responsible for keeping you happy throughout, whether it’s design, sales, installation, service, or warranty.  If you are ready to install new LED wall pack lights on your building, call us today or schedule a meeting with one of our LED lighting specialists! If you want to get industry-specific data on LED wall pack lights, feel free to request a buyer’s guide, case study, or photometric data!