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LED Lighting Manufacturers: Illuminating Innovations

Discover the manufacturing journey of the Tetrus LED light fixtures

LED Lighting Manufacturers: The Making of Tetrus LED Light Fixtures

Tetrus is proud to be the only top-to-bottom vertical supplier of LED lighting fixtures for commercial outdoor and industrial applications. Moreover, we seek to meet the highest standards of excellence from design through manufacturing, installation, financing, and after-sale support. Thus, the manufacturing process of all industrial lighting fixtures and commercial outdoor light fixtures reflects our commitment to quality.

The process of manufacturing our LED lighting fixtures consists of a long chain of separate and complex activities. Furthermore, Tetrus monitors each of these activities closely so that our customers get state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures. Hence, our manufacturing team’s focus is to ensure that our LED lighting fixtures meet the highest level of quality.

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Industrial-grade Quality for Standard Pricing

Industrial grade led lighting

Furthermore, we specialize in commercial outdoor and industrial LED lighting fixtures. Consequently, our LED lighting fixtures are frequently exposed to harsh environmental conditions. For example, they may be installed outdoors and need to withstand difficult weather conditions. Similarly, they may need to provide lighting in heavy industrial settings, such as manufacturing or warehouse facilities.

Consequently, the manufacturing process entails an extensive and rigorous testing process so that they keep shining despite such conditions. In fact, we test extensively our fixtures and parameters include moisture and dust penetration and impact and vibration resistance. Here is a breakdown of our manufacturing process:


The Journey from Concept to Design

Other LED fixtures are not serviceable and, accordingly, they prevent customers from enjoying a lifetime of energy savings. In contrast, the design of our LED lighting fixtures makes them serviceable long after the warranty period ends. In addition, all components of a Tetrus fixture are standardized. Not only that, but the LED component of any fixture is modular and consists of several independent 50W modules. And, the 50W module is standard in all fixtures. So, our design lets us service fixtures quickly and easily.


Production and Comprehensive Monitoring

We handle the production process with cutting-edge equipment as well as highly-qualified professionals. Thus, we keep up-to-date with the latest technological developments in the LED lighting production arena. And, we implement new technology regularly. We feel that technology and people work together to ensure the highest level of quality through every stage in production. Above all, we monitor the production closely because we believe in preventing mistakes, rather than fixing them.


Raw Materials Sourcing and Processing

Once we’ve turned a concept into design plans, we focus on sourcing the best raw materials. Specifically, we select only suppliers that display the same level of commitment to excellence as we do. Next, we process raw materials and make them into the parts that will form industrial or outdoor light fixtures. We pay special attention to this part of the manufacturing cycle. Hence, we believe that the journey to a perfect LED fixture starts with adequate sourcing and processing of raw materials.


Thorough Quality Control and Testing

The choice of quality control people, equipment, and technology can make or break any manufacturing process. Although our production process involves several independent micro-production processes, we implement state-of-the-art quality control throughout. Besides, we don’t feel that the manufacturing process ends with a fully assembled fixture. In other words, we execute extensive testing, so our fixtures can withstand the toughest exploitation conditions in any setting.

The TETRUS Difference: We Don’t Build EELs

While it may be true that concept development is critical in manufacturing, it would be futile without the right manufacturing process. Therefore, we do not make LED lighting fixtures engineered to fail in 3 to 5 years. In fact, we make fixtures that are structurally engineered to last long after the warranty period ends. For this reason, Tetrus LED lighting fixtures have an innovative design that is quickly and easily serviceable. So, with Tetrus, you never have to go through the process of replacing your fixtures again.

Additionally, we manufacture our fixtures in such a way that any electrician can get inside and replace any part. Not only that, but all parts are standardized throughout our full range of products, irrespective of application or wattage. In conclusion, manufacturing is a journey that turns a smart concept into a practical product that generates long-term energy savings. If you want to learn more about our full range of products, please visit our products page! If you are ready to upgrade to LED, you can always schedule a meeting with one of our lighting specialists

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