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The solution to your parking lot lighting needs

Have you ever wondered how LED parking lot lights have changed the way we illuminate our parking lots? Tetrus is taking parking lot lights to the next level.

With our Smart Parking Lights, you can steer your vehicles to any spot; You save up to 60% on energy and maintenance costs while keeping your parking lots safe. So let us bring the innovation of tomorrow to your parking lot today.

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Enhance the look of your property at night with LED parking lot lights.

Experience a smarter green way of managing your parking lots

As a leader in the field of LED parking lot lights, we offer our customers the best value for their money. You don’t just have one lighting option. You have Tetrus. We can cover every aspect of your parking lot, from the poles to the filters and even replacement parts.

Better Lumens. Better Lifespan. Up to 10x Lower Power Consumption. Tetrus is simply the best value for your parking lot lighting investment.


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