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outdoor led lights in restaurants


Outdoor LED lights can certainly benefit any business. One main benefit business owners see with outdoor LED lights is savings from energy costs. LED lights for restaurants can help them become distinguishable. Any restaurant can achieve the right mood it needs for its customers with the correct lighting system. LED lights help by creating great lighting at the lowest cost possible. So an upgrade to LEDs not only helps a restaurant become distinguishable but also helps restaurant owners save a lot of money in the long run.


LED Lights: It’s All About The Mood!


The mood of any restaurant is essential. Great outdoor lighting can contribute to a restaurant’s overall ambiance. Upgrading to outdoor LED lighting helps restaurants set the desired mood for their customers. A recent survey among hospitality professionals shows that more than 70% of diner correspondents acknowledge how important proper lighting was. The correspondents shared that the proper ambiance made them stay longer in the restaurant. At the same time, the correspondents pointed out that a brightly or dimly lit restaurant made them want to leave earlier.


Because outdoor LED lights have such a variety of warmth and brightness ratings, restaurant owners and managers can choose the right type of lights for their restaurant. For example, cool or warm lights determine the type of restaurant. If a restaurant owner has a Tuscan bistro it would need a different type of lighting system than a fast food restaurant. The great thing about outdoor LED lights is that they can cater to both types. They also don’t burn out easily like traditional lighting systems and provide great quality lighting for a restaurant’s ambiance. Plus, outdoor LED lights in restaurants don’t make their customer squint trying to get from the parking lot to the restaurant entrance! 


Outdoor LED Lights in Restaurants Provide a Variety


Restaurants need a lot of different types of lights. They need indoor and outdoor lights. Different parts of a restaurant also require different types of light. Another great thing about an LED lighting system is it caters to just about any situation. For outdoor LED lighting in a restaurant, owners can use pole lights, exterior flood lights, pendant lights, and panel lights, among others. Restaurant owners can choose any type of light fixture that goes with its aesthetic while getting the correct brightness or warmth needed. LEDs are flexible that’s why it’s a great choice.


LED Lights + Restaurant Appliances = Relief


Fact: lights generate heat. One of the great benefits of an LED lighting system is that it does not generate much heat. Traditional lighting systems tend to produce more heat. When lights don’t make as much heat then the air conditioning systems don’t have to strain themselves to cool the room and other appliances. One example would be restaurant commercial coolers or freezers. Having LED lights installed inside would mean less heat given off and more cold air stored. This means your air conditioning system’s life can be extended due to the lessened loan which equates to saving money in the long run. 



A restaurant can use 5 to 7 times more energy per square foot than any other commercial building. Any opportunity to lessen energy consumption helps. Outdoor LED lights in restaurants can help reduce energy consumption. Reduced energy consumption means a reduction in energy costs. LEDs lights can help restaurants save on electricity costs by at least 75%. It’s a two-for-one advantage, great quality lights that help save money. Connect with Tetrus and find out ways how we can get the right outdoor lights for your restaurant and help you save starting now. 

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