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LED lights for hospitals


LED lights benefit several industries and are used in different capacities. Parking lots are one of the many capacities where LED lighting can greatly benefit any given industry. A hospital, for one, can see a lot of savings from LED lights because of more efficient lighting usage and a longer LED fixture lifespan. Let’s take a quick look at a few reasons why hospitals should think about an LED lighting system in their parking lot.


LEDs Provide Great Energy Usage for Your Hospital

Your hospital’s parking lot will be lit 24/7 if, for example, you have an underground parking lot. If your hospital has an outdoor parking lot, you have to leave your lighting system on from dusk to dawn. When your hospital is using a traditional lighting system you will notice that leaving your lights on for a long time can easily burn them out. You’re looking at a lot of maintenance costs if that’s the case. Tetrus LED lights, for example, use up to 40 %-60% less energy than traditional light bulbs. Your hospital will see a huge cut in costs overall. A well-lit hospital parking lot will help with your hospital’s constant traffic as well as contribute to a safer environment. It will help eliminate accidents and robbers who are tempted to wander about your parking lot.


LED Lights Have Better and Longer Lifespan

Electricity costs for a lighting system running 24/7 is costly. Having to change light bulbs constantly also contributes to the mounting costs for your hospital. With LED lights, your hospital won’t experience a whole lot of burnout. You won’t have to worry about constantly changing bulbs and leaving your parking lot unprotected.

Another great thing about LED lights is that they are very durable. They can bear the harshest weather. They also have a very durable filament and glass housing. This means that they won’t break or explode that easily.


Your Hospital Parking Lot Will Have Instant Lighting

Traditional lighting systems take some time to warm up before they can turn on. This does contribute to a higher electric bill and is quite a headache when the season requires your parking lot lighting to be well-lit right away. With an LED lighting system, your hospital won’t have to worry about that. LED lights don’t need to warm up. You can even have an automation feature that adjusts the time and brightness level your parking lot needs at different seasons.


Let’s Touch on LED Brightness

You will want the best possible illumination for your hospital parking lot. This is mainly to help patients, staff, and visiting families have great visibility while they’re entering the parking lot. It’s also a big help for patients and staff when they’re walking from the parking lot to the hospital building. Traditional lighting systems like metal halide bulbs usually have lumens that range from 20- 80 with 1,900k and 2,800k color temperatures. This means that the colors your bulbs would produce are more of an orange hue. LEDs on the other hand would usually range from 40- 120 lumens with a CRI of 70- 80 with 2,700k – 6,500k color temperatures. You would see lighter colors which would help drivers maneuver the parking lot easier.


Let’s Look at Cost:

Traditional light bulbs are cheaper but easily burn out and require a lot of maintenance. Even with cheaper bulbs, your hospital will see the costs piling up. Yes, an LED lighting system would cost more upfront however you will see a payback of around 14 to 18 months with a Tetrus LED lighting system. Your hospital won’t have to worry about constant bulb replacement and maintenance in the long run.


LED Lights and the Environment

One great thing about LED lights is that they do not negatively impact our environment. This means that they do not emit any gases that will harm our environment. Traditional light bulbs on the other hand use sources that cannot be replenished. They will eventually emit carbon dioxide into the environment. Having LED lights can positively impact our planet. It doesn’t hurt to let your hospital play a role in helping our planet in any way.



LED parking lot lights can help your hospital in many ways. They’re durable, cost-efficient, reliable, and can help the environment. Here at Tetrus, we don’t only provide the best LED lights for your hospital, but we also make sure that you’re able to get a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly product that will help your hospital in every way possible.