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When it comes to parking lots, the most important element of that specific area is the lighting. Is the lighting good enough to see at night? Is every part of the parking lot properly illuminated? People take for granted the peace of mind and security that a well-lit parking lot gives to people, whether they are drivers, pedestrians, or simply just people walking by. If you are using HID lights or if you have revamped to LED parking lot lights, you want to make sure that you are giving the best possible lights for your business and your parking lot. 

Parking lots are commonly overlooked when it comes to appearance and upkeep. Most people that are in parking lots are mostly there to park or pick up their cars. But the gravel, the surroundings, the parking lines, and the entrances, are all aspects that are secondary to having the right kind of light for your parking space. That is why it is important to convert or revamp your exterior LED parking lot lights into LED lights. 

Technological Advances in Lighting

For decades, outdoor parking lots have been lit up by HID lamps. In more recent times, there has been a trend to change these lights with new LED parking lights. There are many reasons why this has been happening, but the most common has been the failures of HID lamps and the many benefits of LED lights. HID has been around a long while, but here are glaring shortcomings. One of the shortcomings is how it does not give off good light, how they cost a lot in terms of energy costs, and how expensive the maintenance costs are. 

But LED lights do not have that problem. LED parking lot lights use less energy, there is minimal maintenance, and they provide a more efficient and effective way of giving off light. This makes them one of the best lights to use for outdoor structures, such as parking lots. LED lights not only provide better light, but their lamps also last longer. These light fixtures last up to 90,000 more hours than traditional lights and lamps. These lights also consume less energy. LED lights to consume 80% to 90% less energy than HID lights. 

exterior led parking lot lights

Exterior LED Parking Lot Lights Savings and Cost Management

With such savings on energy costs and maintenance costs, upgrading your parking lot can actually save you a lot of money instead of costing you. Most parking lot areas can recover the costs of LED light installation in as little as one to two years. And the longevity and quality of LED lights are much longer and much better than HID fixtures. 

LED lamps are also much more versatile. HID lamps are known to give off white or yellowish-orange color, depending on the bulb and the fixtures. The reason for this is because of how light is produced from HID lamps. There are bright spots and dark spots. But LED lamps have a whole range of colors and color temperatures that you can fit with any parking area or parking space. Not only does this create better 

LED parking lot lights are able to produce this kind of versatility because of have a CRI or 80 or higher. Lights with a score of 80 or higher on CRIs are considered to show colors that can be seen and colors that be chosen accurately. A higher CRI light also makes light travel more evenly, and a greater distance. LED fixtures are also capable of providing focused light with less glare. This makes the light on the parking lot less wasteful of energy, while still providing the proper illumination to all areas in the parking lot. This can be beneficial for everyone traveling across parking lots, especially at night.

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