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restaurant led lighting system


Restaurant Lighting is an important aspect that many restaurant owners forget to take notice of. The ambiance and comfort of the restaurant have to be considered, and lighting usually helps a lot in that department. There should always be sufficient lighting in a restaurant to allow diners to read through menus and see their orders. The lighting shouldn’t be glaring, though. The lighting has to be dim enough for the mood of the diners to be just right.

There are many factors that restaurant owners should take into consideration for their lighting needs. Restaurant owners have to think of what lighting would go well with the color of the walls, the height of the restaurant’s ceiling, and the height of the tables, flooring, and furniture as well. This is just the interior of the restaurant. Don’t forget the exterior lighting system has to be considered too! So, let’s take a look at three important tips for your restaurant lighting system.


Determine Your Restaurant’s Lighting System According to the Time of Day

Your restaurant will need different types of lighting. The daytime shift will need brighter light so that diners can read their newspaper and can enjoy their morning coffee. Diners who enter the restaurant later in the day will need less light, so your lighting system will need to dim down as well. This will help diners have a comfortable dining experience.

Restaurants lean toward LED lighting systems because their dimming feature. You don’t need someone to manually adjust your lights throughout the day, all you need is to program the required dimness and your LED lights will do the rest. With a click of a button, your restaurant’s lighting system is all set for the day!


Different Fixtures are an Option Too

LED lights are great for some portions of the restaurant, but restaurant owners can mix and match. Try barn lights, colored glass pendants, barn lights maybe, or even chandeliers. If you have a large restaurant, it is best to limit your type of lighting fixture. Think of limiting it to three to even four different types of lights. 


Don’t Forget Your Restaurant’s Exterior Lights!

A restaurant’s exterior lighting system is just as important as the interior lights. Why? Mainly because it gives diners their first impression of what’s to come. The right restaurant LED lighting system will attract diners. It also informs diners whether your establishment is open or closed for business.

Don’t forget, an LED-lit parking lot for your restaurant also puts your diners at ease. A well-lit LED restaurant parking lot will give diners peace of mind that their cars will be safeguarded while they enjoy their meal.



LED restaurant lighting systems are quickly becoming popular. They give diners the all-important first impression. They also provide a sense of security for diners when they park and go into the restaurant for a meal. On top of that, restaurant owners also enjoy quality lighting and greater savings with LED lights. Tetrus aims to aid you with your LED lighting journey. Feel free to reach us so we can start your restaurant’s LED lighting journey!