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Poorly lit restaurant parking lots make it hard for customers to feel safe and comfortable leaving their vehicles while they navigate their way toward your restaurant for a meal. Let’s take a look at seven advantages LED parking lot lights offer your restaurant and customers alike.


Enjoy Even Distribution of Light in Your Restaurant’s Parking Lot


LEDs incorporate a multi-point design. Basically, your parking lot will enjoy even light distribution. A well-lit parking lot will discourage any criminals and remove dark spots and gaps in your restaurant’s security cameras.


LED Parking Lot Lights Have Lower Energy Consumption


If your restaurant has a large parking lot then you can save a lot of money with LED lights. On average, a restaurant parking lot utilizing traditional lighting systems requires anywhere between 400 watts to 1,000 watts. On an LED lighting system, your restaurant will only need between 40 watts to 600 watts. That’s a lot of savings! Your restaurant is looking for at least 40% to 60% savings.


No More Buzzing Sound With LED Lights


You want your restaurant to leave an impression. You’ll want to have a brightly lit parking lot that attracts customers, gives them a sense of security, and leave a lasting impression. One way to offer that lasting impression is to get rid of that notorious buzzing sound most traditional lighting systems give off. These buzzing sounds can be annoying, not to mention tacky – two things you don’t want your customers to remember about your restaurant. On top of that, buzzing lights also tend to flicker which could be easily remedied by switching to LED lights.


You Get More Control With an LED Lighting System


If your restaurant uses occupancy sensors or even photocells, you should know by now that LEDs fit perfectly with them. LED drivers are responsive, this helps operators adjust the dimness of your restaurant’s parking lot in mere seconds. Your customers will enjoy a safer and well-lit parking lot thanks to the automation LED parking lot lights have.


LED Parking Lot Lights Are Low Maintenance


LEDs don’t only have a lower energy consumption, they’re also low maintenance. Your restaurant doesn’t need to change LED parking lot lights frequently, unlike traditional lighting systems. LED lights will continue to operate, lowering their usage capacity to give maintenance personnel enough time to get replacements.


LEDs Provide Superior Lighting


People have this preconceived notion that all lights are the same. This is just untrue! There is a big difference in lighting quality when you’re comparing LEDs and traditional light bulbs. Your restaurant’s parking lot can enjoy brighter and crisper lighting with LED lights. LEDs also have an extensive array of color temperatures that will give better visual perception.


LED Lights Last Longer


Your traditional fluorescent light bulb can surely last up to 20,000 hours. This, however, can also diminish when you regularly switch your lights on and off. With an LED lighting system, your restaurant’s parking lot can look forward to 50,000 to 10,000 hours worth of light. A huge difference. Your restaurant will save a lot on energy consumption and maintenance costs.




Restaurant LED parking lot lights provide the best lighting over traditional lighting systems. They do not consume as much energy, last longer, and don’t need a lot of maintenance. Restaurants also have the freedom to automate their LED lighting systems and help their customers feel safe while leaving a lasting impression. Here at Tetrus, we aim to help restaurants to get started with their restaurant LED parking lot lighting journey. Feel free to reach out, we’ll help you get started right away!