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A parking lot lighting system is essential for any business. Sufficient outdoor lighting can put a stop to robberies, injuries, and accidents. As a hotel owner, you want your guests and staff to feel safe on your property, especially during nighttime. It is important to have high-quality parking lot lights installed for your hotel. Why? Because it can be difficult to replace a broken light fixture right away. Having LED parking lot lights installed will reduce the need for constant maintenance and will provide much-needed illumination for your hotel’s parking lot area.

Of course, having a great lighting system is one thing. It is also essential to plan your layout accordingly. You’ll also need the right professional to install the LED lights once the design layout has been made. Let’s take a look at what your hotel should consider before starting with its LED lighting system journey.


Hotel LED Parking Lot Lighting System


Research on LED Lighting Systems First

The first thing you should do is contact a lighting professional. Take a look around and weigh your options. There will be a lot of lighting companies and suppliers around your area. You must check up on them and look at their customer reviews. Do they have sufficient experience handling LED parking lot lights? Do they have case studies, and can they provide these case studies about their lighting systems? Are they able to conduct a site visit? Are they willing to let you know which manufacturers they work with? How about recommending the best products for your needs?

These are a few questions you should ask. If the lighting professional has a lot of experience under their belt and is more than happy to share their expertise and knowledge then you’re one step nearer your goal. 


What Are Your Goals for Your Parking Lot Lights?

When you finally decide on a lighting professional, it is best to have an outline of what you think your hotel parking lot needs. It is helpful to share your ideas with your lighting professional. Questions like are there specific areas your hotel should be illuminated? Are there specific lighting fixtures that should be upgraded or should stay? Are the current fixtures the hotel has and how will LED lights improve the hotel lighting? How many LED pole lights are needed? What height should the pole lights be?

Think about whether you need to upgrade a portion of your existing lighting system. Your lighting professional will be able to assist you with your decision. Make sure that your partner lighting professional is aware of your goals so that your planning will be successful.


Getting Started With Your Hotel LED Parking Lot Lights

When your lighting professional conducts a site visit, they will take measurements and create a design layout. This is essential to make sure they have the right idea for the LED pole lights’ height and provide a sophisticated photometric design.

Your hotel LED lighting specialist will recommend products that will best fit your hotel. Their recommendations would be based on real-life experience. They will know the best light fixture, the best location for the fixture, their wattage, warranties, and much more. The lighting professionals will also take into consideration company rebates and discounts that will help your hotel save money.

In terms of installation, your lighting professional will always try to keep your existing layout and fixtures. At the end of the day, they will decide whether to use your existing layout and poles. They may use an entirely different layout and poles, but this will ultimately depend on getting your hotel parking lot illuminated properly.



Having a goal is a great start. Make sure you do your research first then share your goals with the hotel LED parking lot professional you’ve chosen to help your hotel’s lighting goals. Tetrus has years of experience with hotel lighting systems. We’re happy to help plan and improve your hotel parking lot lighting system!