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Comprehensive led lighting financing options customized to match YOUR specific business needs

LED Lighting Financing from Your LED Light-Time Partner

Tetrus seeks to equip your business with lighting solutions specifically designed to meet YOUR lighting needs. Thus, our personalized solutions allow you to achieve maximum energy efficiency as well as minimum maintenance costs. We maintain the same customer-focused philosophy when it comes to the services we provide. And, led lighting financing is no exception. As a result, we offer you financing options so that you are not deprived of long-term energy savings based on financial concerns.

Your Needs, Our LED Lighting Finance

Your business is unique. Therefore, we are here to devise the most appropriate LED lighting financing option should you choose not to make an investment upfront As a result, you can opt to remain cash flow positive from day one with one of our customizable financing options.

You may just as well choose to finance your retrofit because it makes fiscal sense to do so. Thus, you can redirect the extra money where your business needs it the most. Whichever your needs may be, we have a financing option available to help you start saving money today.

Our lights literally pay for themselves in 18 to 24 months, depending on the business and industry. If you are ready to discover the average payoff time for your location type, give us a call or feel free to request financing! We can help set you up with the right equipment and the right financing solution!

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