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Gas Station LED Light Fixtures – Gain the Tetrus Advantage

Gas station light fixtures: The right choice of outdoor lighting makes your gas station shine and encourages commercial success

Gas Station LED Light Fixtures and Their Advantages

High-quality outdoor lighting boosts your gas station’s visibility and cultivates brand awareness. Furthermore, a well-lit gas station fosters a sense of security and safety. In other words, outdoor lighting ca increase visual appeal and draw in more customers. More customers equate to increased sales at the pump, convenience store, and service stations.

Conventional lights lack in efficacy, are expensive to maintain, and generate large energy bills. With that in mind, powering outdoor lights to keep your gas station bright has a negative impact on your profit if you rely on legacy lighting. The future is LED outdoor lighting!

Tetrus brings into play the best outdoor LED lighting technology coupled with the best service. Specifically, our LED outdoor lighting improve your bottom line, minimize energy costs, and literally save you money. We are your LED outdoor lighting experts!

Schedule a meeting with a Tetrus LED lighting specialist and add a competitive edge to your business! We will devise the most suitable lighting layout for your location type! Thus, you will get a lighting plan that is cost-effective on initial investment and long-term savings.

gas station led light fixtures

TETRUS Benefits from Gas Station canopy lights

gas station led lighting

Tetrus sells lighting solutions that provide the best overall illumination. Consequently, there is no waste of energy or light with Tetrus. Due an innovative modular design, our outdoor lighting fixtures quickly and easily serviceable. As a result, you get to enjoy minimum maintenance costs and a long lifespan.

Furthermore, our LEDs offer 25-60 more lumens per watt as compared to other LEDs. For this reason, our LEDs pay for themselves in a little more than a year! Request a gas station light fixtures case study and learn more about lumen efficacy for your location type! In addition, with Tetrus, you get far superior LED outdoor lighting and still save up to 90% on your energy bills.

In short, our lights allow you to save approximately $2,000 – $4,000 each month. How many cups of coffee does your station have to sell to make an added monthly profit of $2,000? Or, how many hours of service does your mechanic have to perform to generate an extra profit of $2,000? How many more gallons of gasoline do you have to sell to add $2,000 to your bottom line every month?

TETRUS: Your End-to-End LED Lighting Provider

Tetrus designs, manufactures, tests, installs, services and warranties your LED lights from top to bottom. Subsequently, with Tetrus by your side, you never have to worry about your canopy lights or parking lights again. You can now focus on boosting inside sales by adding more gas pumps and expand location to generate more business.

In an industry defined by increasing competition and shrinking profit margins, your must remain undistracted in your effort to implement more efficient business strategies. For this purpose, we seek to become your partner, rather than solely your supplier. We feel that we have a responsibility to always be there for you when it comes to LED outdoor lighting.

Our Light-time Pledge to Your  Business

LED gas station canopy lights

Tetrus doesn’t just sell outdoor LED lights that make your location look amazing. We engineer LED lighting solutions that are the best fit for your specific location and industry. Accordingly, Tetrus gives you the best value for the money. What is premium quality for other companies is standard quality for Tetrus. We don’t sell gas station LED light fixtures that need to be replaced in 2-5 years. Moreover, we don’t sell fixtures that can’t be serviced or warrantied. We build long-lasting relationships because we want to give you the LED lights that you need. Here is our light-time pledge:


Easy to Service Modular Fixtures

When a typical 250W LED goes out, you need to replace the whole fixture because no LED company will replace or sell parts. Whether it is in a year or five years, the LED lights or other components inside will fail. Consequently, you will have to change the whole fixture. In contrast, a 250W Tetrus LED fixture contains five independent 50W LED modules. The same 50W LED module will fit all our fixtures, irrespective of their wattage. So, you can keep some on stock for your piece of mind. Moreover, all components inside a Tetrus fixture are standard and replaceable. Quick, easy, and convenient! Visit our after-sales page and learn more about our service network!


Ultra-efficient Commercial-grade LEDs

Our LEDs offer 25-60% more lumens per watt than any other outdoor LEDs on the market so that you get better illumination while still saving money. In addition, our LEDs have been tested to exceed liquid and dust penetration and impact resistance standards, not just meet them. You get industrial-grade outdoor lighting fixtures that are literally ocean-proof and sledgehammer-tough. We use multi-patented light distribution so that the energy you’re paying for results in light where you want it. Your get light so well placed that you will literally see the line where the energy you are paying for lights your property, but not the highway in front of it.


Real Warranty Due to a Better Design

Retrofits and new construction are usually a one-time deal. Other LED companies can’t and won’t honor their warranty no matter how long they say it’s for. It’s simply not cost effective to do so. We can afford to honor our warranty because we have a better designed product that is easy and cost-effective to warranty so that we can keep your lights running for years and decades after your purchase. Unlike other companies, Tetrus comes with a reliable real human beings staff via a 24/7 Tetrus Service Hotline.


Cashflow-friendly Financing Options

The modular design of our fixtures makes sure that you never have to replace a Tetrus fixture again. They are built to stay lit and be serviceable during and AFTER the warranty. Other LEDs are engineered to fail in 2, 3, 5 years. You have no money savings if you must re-buy the fixtures in 2-5 years. Tetrus manufactures highly durable, smartly designed LEDs so that you get a partner for a light-time, not a one-time deal. We finance your retrofit for you so you can focus on your business rather than worry about your cash flow.

Tetrus LED Gas Station Lighting makes your location and business attractive

Visibility is key to achieving commercial success as a gas station. Consequently, with Tetrus outdoor lighting, the presentation of your gas station will be light-years better than your competitors’ while you’ll save up to 90% on both electric and maintenance costs. Our outdoor LED lighting fixtures are the best on the market in all respects. Namely, you will create such a positive first impression on drivers that they will stop by your gas station whenever possible. Your location will be the brightest, which will make your brand as well as your reputation shine.

If you are ready to switch to LED lighting, call us or schedule a meeting with a Tetrus LED lighting specialist today! If you want to learn more about LED outdoor lighting for your gas station, request industry-specific data, such as a buyer’s guide, photometric data or a case study.

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