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LED Lights for Restaurants – Illuminate Your Fast-food Business

Strategically placed outdoor LED lights will invite people inside versus them choosing a neighboring restaurant

Discover the Power of LED Lights for Restaurants

Visually appealing outdoor LED lights for Restaurants attract more customers inside your fast-food restaurant than food or ambiance. In other words, the appeal of your exterior appearance determines drivers to stop at your restaurant. Furthermore, an attractive exterior is a combination of beauty, security, and safety.

On the other hand, running legacy lights to enhance street appeal is an expensive endeavor. Conventional outdoor lights generate substantial monthly bills. As a result, lighting cost has a negative impact both on your profit margin and your cash flow.

Therefore, upgrading to outdoor LED lights becomes an imperative, not a caprice. Soon, your LED lights will start getting you more business and increase brand awareness. At the same time, LEDs will cut down your energy bills by as much as 95%.

LED Lights for Restaurants

Tetrus Financial Advantage in Commercial Lighting

LED Lights for Restaurants

As the leading LED manufacturer in the outdoor LED lights niche, Tetrus focuses on fitting your location with ultra-efficient LEDs. Consequently, our lights will enhance your restaurant’s visibility, reinforce brand reputation, and instill a sense of transparency, security, and safety.

Since they have the highest efficacy on the market, our LEDs dispense more light for less money. Subsequently, we boast a very short payback compared to other LEDs on the market. Hence, our lights will allow you to save on energy every month. You will never have to sacrifice visual appeal because your outdoor LED lights are too expensive to run.

In addition, our modular design presents reduced maintenance costs so that you can save even more. You never have to replace our LED fixtures, as you would with other suppliers. In other words, you get genuine long-term financial benefits.

Schedule a meeting with one of our LED lighting experts!  And discover how much your fast-food business can save with Tetrus outdoor LED lights! Our lighting specialists will design the most appropriate lighting plan for YOUR priorities, your location, your industry!

Our Light-time Pledge to YOUR Fast-food restaurant lighting

Tetrus is a people company with each member of our team playing an integral role towards achieving our mission. Our aim is to become a light-time partner for every customer in our portfolio. Above all, it is our customer-centered approach that differentiates Tetrus from all other LED lighting companies. Accordingly, we believe we have a responsibility to always be there for you.

Consequently, you will always reach a real human being no matter how you choose to get in touch with us! We have a human-staffed 24/7 service line so that you can always get in touch with us. Most importantly, you will get to speak to an actual person, not a robot!


Financing to Suit Your Needs

Remaining cash flow positive is key to a successful fast-food restaurant business. Hence, we put at your disposal several financing options to allow you to meet your cashflow needs. As a result, you don’t need to sacrifice the curb appeal of your location anymore. In addition, after a relatively short payback, you will save money on energy bills month after month for years to come.


Improved Security and Safety

A well-lit fast-food exterior make entryways and parking lots easy to find and safe to navigate. In consequence, outdoor LED lights will keep customers and employees safe from outdoor obstacles. Additionally, brightly lit exterior areas deter criminals and vandals. Thus, you protect your business, guests, and employees always.


Extended Lifespan

What differentiates our LED fixtures from all others is their modular design. In particular, the LED component consists of a number of 50W LED modules. Furthermore, the 50W module fits all Tetrus fixtures, irrespective of wattage, which standardizes our LED fixtures. In other words, standardization makes our fixtures easy and quick to service. As such, they have an extended lifespan compared to other LED lights.


Curb Appeal to Attract More Customers

We build the highest efficacy LEDs on the market so that your location’s visual appeal encourages drivers to enter your restaurant and not a neighboring restaurant. Thus, the exterior of your restaurant is your nighttime business card. In addition, we offer the best LEDs on the market so that you can promote the values that bring customers in: security, safety, transparency!


Outdoor LED Lights Engineered for Life

Since our products are sledgehammer-tough and ocean-proof, they can face the harshest weather conditions or frustrated vandals. They also feature a modular design so that you only have to invest in lighting fixtures ONE TIME and enjoy a light-time of low maintenance, energy savings, and bright light.


Real Warranty Backed by Real People

Finding suppliers that actually stand behind their warranty is a challenge for businesses. So, what is the reason LED companies cannot honor their warranty? Their fixtures are not serviceable, i.e., you cannot replace the bad component; you need to replace the whole fixtures, which makes honoring warranties too expensive. However, our modular design makes our fixtures serviceable and warrantable.

Tailored and Full-service commercial Outdoor LED lights

We believe that each location has unique lighting needs. Therefore, we come up with an outdoor LED lighting solution based on customized photometric analysis of your location! Photometric data lets us determine the best combination of lights for your specific needs.

Consequently, we will NOT recommend lights that you don’t need. Moreover, we will not recommend outdoor LED lights that are not worth the investment. We believe that only fully satisfied customers nurture a reputation for excellence.

Additionally, we offer the best customer service experience because we plan on working with you for many years to come, not just TODAY. So, we want to fit your fast-food restaurant with the most energy-efficient, low-maintenance LED lights.


Lighting Layout Design


Fixture Design and Manufacturing


Cashflow-Friendly Financing


Nationwide Installation Services


Warranty Honored Every Time

If you are ready to switch to LED lighting and boost your fast-food restaurant’s curb appeal, call us today or schedule a meeting with an LED lighting specialist here! If you want to learn more about LED lighting for your fast-food restaurant business, request more industry-specific data!