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Auto Dealership LED Lighting Solutions by Tetrus

Auto dealership LED lighting sells more cars by turning your parking lot into a nighttime showroom!

Why Choose Tetrus LED?

A well lit parking lot improves visibility, magnetizes customers, fosters brand awareness, and nurtures a reputation for excellence. Thus, your location can get drive more traffic, get more business, and reach a higher level of financial success.

However, if you use conventional lighting, you must give away a large portion of your income to powering parking lot lights, frontline lights, and service lights. Therefore, running legacy lights has a negative impact on your profit margin.

Your parking lot is your outdoor showroom. The frontline is your brand identity. Your service station is your main money maker! With the customized outdoor LED lighting solutions from Tetrus, you can have lighting saving you money rather than spending your money!

Schedule a meeting with one of our LED lighting experts and learn how much money your car dealership can save with Tetrus auto dealership led lighting! Our lighting specialists will devise the most appropriate lighting plan for YOUR location, your priorities, your needs! Furthermore, we will make it cost effective on initial investment and long-term savings!

auto dealership led lighting
LED lighting for car dealership

LED Lighting for Long-term Financial Benefits

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, there were 16,794 new light vehicle dealership outlets in the US in 2017. In other words, it is a highly competitive business environment. Hence, you must rely on strategies that boost the visual appeal of your locations to make your dealership stand out.

With improved curb appeal, you get more customers while our LED lights keep adding to your savings account.  Retrofitting to Tetrus LED will generate more income, while reducing expenses. With Tetrus, you get the best there is in LED industrial-grade lighting: the best lights, best service, best ROI!

Tetrus LED lights provide 25-60% more lumens/watt than other LEDs and have the lowest maintenance costs because they are serviceable. Plus, we offer the best overall illumination, which leads to lifetime energy savings, so you can enjoy long-term financial benefits.

Palpable Savings from Your LED Light-time Partner

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), the new vehicle department of a car dealership accounts for about 30% of a dealership’s gross profits. As per the same source, service and parts department accounts for 44% of a dealership’s gross profits. In short, selling cars is not enough.

A car dealership has to focus on all fronts in order to remain profitable. Considering the high competitiveness that defines the light vehicle industry, it is not an easy task. BUT, with our LED lights, you will save approximately $2,000 or more monthly depending on the specifics of your dealership.

How many cars must your dealership sell to make an extra $2,000 in profit each month? How many hours of service do your mechanics perform to earn you $2,000?

car dealership parking lot lighting

Request more data to find out how much Tetrus LED fixtures can save your car dealership! We can provide you with a case study, photometric data, or a buyer’s guide for auto dealership led lighting! Contact us! We are here to help you!

Our Pledge to YOU and YOUR Auto Dealership Business

Tetrus designs, manufactures, tests, installs, services, and warranties your LED lights. As such, we are your top-to-bottom LED lighting provider. Furthermore, we are a people company with a customer-centered approach. We seek to become your LED partner so that you can focus on growing your business to its full potential.

Consequently, you never have to worry about your outdoor LED lighting again. Our vision is to seek the best possible LED lighting solution for your car dealership; not for a shopping center, not for a gas station, and not for another dealership, but for YOUR car dealership. Here’s our pledge:


We Build LED Fixtures Engineered FOR Life!

We are not in the business of manufacturing and selling engineered-end-of-life (EEL) products. Specifically, we offer standardized modular LED fixtures engineered FOR life. which means that you will only have to retrofit once, not every few years as with other LEDs. If one of the modules in our LED fixtures goes out, the remaining modules will continue to shine until we ship over a new module that your electrician or our electrician can change in minutes.


Cashflow-Friendly Financing Options

We trust our products, our people, and our service. Additionally, we know that our lights will generally pay for themselves within 12 to 14 months. As a result, you can start contributing $2,000 or more per month to your savings account rather than the power company. We trust our lights so much that we finance your retrofitting project if you want so that you remain cash flow positive day one. Discover our cashflow-friendly financing options!


Better, Stronger, More Efficient LEDs

Not all LEDs are created equal. Our products are sledgehammer-tough and ocean-proof, exceeding weather and water resistance standards. Our outdoor LEDs feature unmatched efficacy with up to 25-60% more lumens per watt than other LEDs. Moreover, we boast superior light distribution patterns that allow you to enjoy the right amount of light and the right type of light in the right place. Not one lumen is wasted!


Make Your Location and Reputation Shine

Our customized photometric analysis will reveal the most efficient outdoor LED lighting solution for your specific needs to make your location shine and attract more customers. If you want to spotlight your best assets and sell more cars, if you are ready to turn your car dealership into a magnet for clients, if you are looking for a partner to stand by your every outdoor lighting need, contact our lighting layout design team!

The Bottom Line: We Want to Become Your Trusted LED Light-time Partner

auto dealership led lighting

Our modular technology makes our lights serviceable, a unique feature in the outdoor LED lighting industry. Therefore, we can afford to stand behind our warranties because we don’t ever need to replace the whole fixture as is the case with other LED suppliers. Furthermore, you can always reach us because we believe in offering reliable ‘real human beings’ staff via a 24/7 Tetrus Service Hotline.

We’re not here to just sell you outdoor LED lights. Tetrus is here to offer you the best possible lighting solution, so you start saving money and focus on growing your business. We are your top-to-bottom outdoor LED lighting supplier so that you can tend to the business of selling cars without ever having to give a second thought to those lights on those poles ever, ever again.

If you are ready to switch to LED lighting, call us or schedule a meeting with an LED lighting specialist here! Contact our team and request car dealership-specific data to learn more about LED lighting in the context of your specific business type!

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