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LED Lights for Hospitals by Tetrus

LED lights for hospitals: Quality outdoor lighting turns a hospital into a safe, secure, and psychologically comforting setting for patients, visitors, and employees

Advantages of LED Lights for Hospitals

LED lights for hospitals needs of medium to large healthcare facilities are extensive. As such, their range of lights includes parking lot and parking garage lights, wall packs, canopy lights, low bay lights, landscape lights, and helipad lights.

Plus, hospitals keep most of their outdoor lights running from before sundown until after sunrise, which triggers massive energy bills.

All because existing commercial lighting technologies are lacking in energy efficiency and lumen output. Also, they score zero points in the serviceability and eco-friendliness sectors, and cost a fortune to maintain.

healthcare lighting

The TETRUS Company in a Nutshell, for healthcare lighting

Tetrus can save your hospital $2,000-$8,000 or more per month, money that you can convey to your most coveted areas. Our industrial-grade LED fixtures are not engineered to fail in 2, 5 or 10 years. We have standardized our fixtures via a serviceable modular design. As a result, you never have to change the whole fixture in 2, 5 or 10 years as you would with other LED fixtures. Our design makes retrofitting a one-time process, so you never have to go down this road again. We are and will always be here to help you.

The TETRUS Difference for YOUR Hospital lighting fixtures

Quickly and easily serviceable, our LEDs are a one-time investment with the added benefit of reduced maintenance costs. Moreover, our outdoor LED fixtures are structurally engineered to meet industrial grade standards in everything except pricing. As such, they can withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Furthermore, we have equipped our LEDs with the highest lumen output in the outdoor LED industry. As such, you get more and better light for the same wattage, which translates into substantially smaller energy bills.

Tetrus believes in building long-term relationships by offering solutions that improve your business, rather than focusing on closing one-time deals. We believe in delivering a superior customer experience from sales through installation, warranty and maintenance. Hence, you will always be able to reach Tetrus. Why? Because our business is not to just sell you lights today but to serve you for decades to come. Here is the summed-up Tetrus pledge to YOU:


Minimum Maintenance and Longer Lifespan

A 200W LED fixture from Tetrus consists of four independent 50W LED modules. Similarly, a 150W LED fixture consists of three independent 50W LED modules. The same 50W LED module is found in all our fixtures, irrespective of wattage. When a 50W LED module goes out inside a fixture, the fixture will continue to glow. This way, your hospital’s parking lot or garage will never be left in the dark. Our fixtures bring into play a standardized modular design, which makes them quickly and easily serviceable resulting in reduced maintenance costs and a much longer lifespan compared to other LEDs.


Outdoor LED Fixtures Engineered FOR Life

Other LEDs are what we call EELs, i.e., engineered-end-of-life or engineered to fail in several years. Which means, you must go through the process of replacing all your fixtures again because the LEDs are dying. Or, you can’t get parts from your supplier or manufacturer. Due to our serviceable standardized modular design, you only need to replace a malfunctioning part. You can keep the parts in stock, or we can ship them to you so that your electrician can change them. Or, we can have one of our certified technicians replace them for you.


Improved Design for Affordable Warranty

The serviceable standardized modular design of our outdoor LED fixtures grants affordability to our warranty. Thus, we will honor our warranty every time because we only need to deal with a single type of LED module, LED driver, and wiring harness. Other companies build their fixtures so electricians can’t get inside them to fix them and put them back together. No matter how skillful an electrician, the fixtures get damaged during the process. Plus, there are no parts available and the manufacturer would need to replace the whole fixture inside the warranty period. It’s simply not affordable for them. You can always reach us via our 24/7 service line!


The Right Light in the Right Place

With well-lit outdoor areas, you don’t need to invest in the most advanced surveillance equipment. Our LEDs will make the job of your security team much easier. Your hospital and your satellite locations will always remain safe and secure at all hours. Moreover, not one corner is left in the dark due to our multi-patented light distribution pattern. As a result, patients, visitors, and night shift employees will all feel safe in your hospital. No matter how far they’ve parked their car. Thus, we don’t sell engineered end of life lights (EELs). Tetrus is in the business of taking care of your lighting needs for as long as our fixtures will fit your location.

Premium LED Lights and Service for hospitals at the Same Price

We believe in full-service when it comes to LED lights for hospitals. As a result, the Tetrus company is responsible for everything, from design to manufacturing, installation, warranty and maintenance. You will never hear “it’s someone else’s responsibility” from Tetrus. Furthermore, we don’t sell standard lighting solutions. Tetrus sells lighting solutions developed based on the photometric analysis of YOUR location. Therefore, you get outdoor LED lighting that is tailored to meet the specific needs of YOUR hospital and satellite locations.

If you are ready to upgrade to LED lighting, call us or schedule a meeting with an LED lighting specialist! Contact our team and request hospital-specific data to learn more about LED lighting in the context of your specific location and business type!

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