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Manufacturing Facility Lighting Solutions by Tetrus LED

High-efficacy led lighting for manufacturing Industries is the key to employee productivity and safety.

Manufacturing Facility Lighting Solutions – The TETRUS Advantage

Irrespective of the industry, high-ceiling  led lighting for manufacturing Industries face the same problems. Thus, lighting fixtures are too high up to be changed quickly and safely. Moreover, employees don’t get enough light where it’s needed.

Tetrus LED high-bay lights ensure your facility is comfortably lit allowing your employees to perform their tasks easily, quickly, and safely. As a result, you can increase employee productivity and enhance quality control in your production facility.

However, outdated lighting technologies lack majorly in energy efficiency. Plus, they have a short light life, require warm up and cool down time, and lose color uniformity fast. Hence, they don’t provide the right value for the money.

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We give you the right type of light and the right amount of light in the right place so that you actually get to use the light that you pay for.

A Light-Time Partner for Long-term Savings

led lighting cost savings

Tetrus is your end-to-end LED lighting supplier so that you can focus on your business. Hence, we design, manufacture, and test our industrial grade LEDs. Furthermore, we install, warranty, service, and follow up long after the sale for as long as our LEDs shine at your location. Also, we finance your retrofitting project, so that you can remain cash flow positive day one. Thus, you can redirect your resources where your business needs it the most.

Our LEDs provide 25-60% more lumens per watt than other LEDs. In other words, you save up to 90% on energy bills. Specifically, you can pay for your new LED fixtures in 12-14 months with the savings they generate themselves. Moreover, our led lighting for manufacturing Industries​ save you money via their modular design. Our design guarantees that you never have to retrofit again. Also, it ensures the lowest maintenance costs on the market.

The TETRUS LED Lighting difference for YOUR Manufacturing Facility

We bring you structurally engineered industrial grade LEDs without the additional cost. More importantly, we bring you the best led lighting for manufacturing Industries. Read on about the Tetrus difference:



When LEDs fail in other fixtures, you need to replace the whole fixture, not just the LEDs. It could be in two years or in five years. Hence, unlike other LED fixtures, our products feature a smart design where the LED component is modular and standard. Namely, you only need to change a bad LED module, not the whole fixture. While we ship the replacement module, the others will continue to glow. In other words, you’ll always have light with our LEDs.  


Bullet-proof Products

Our LEDs have the best efficacy on the market: 160 lumens per watt so that you get more light for the same price or the same amount of light for a lower price. Plus, our LEDs exceed all standards of water resistance and durability. They are literally sledgehammer tough and ocean-proof. Furthermore, our LEDs feature a smart modular design so that you get the fastest service available and the lowest maintenance costs in the industry.


Real Warranty

We answer your calls or emails or any way you choose to contact us. Tetrus understands that you need things done fast because you can’t afford downtime or delays in your production cycle. Our lights are modular and, therefore, easily and quickly serviceable. Specifically, it is affordable for us to stand behind our warranties every time. Plus, our universal LED module fits any Tetrus fixture, be it a 400W fixture or a 150W fixture.


Cash Flow Positive

Our LEDs pay for themselves with the savings they generate. You can opt to pay a lump sum of money now. In less than 18 months, you start getting your money back since you’ll be paying 90% less on your energy bills. However, you can also choose to remain cash flow positive day one with one of our financing solutions. Namely, you will pay for your fixtures monthly instead of paying the power company for inefficient lighting. At the end of your financing, you’ll only pay about 10% of your existing monthly energy costs.

Our Pledge as an LED Lighting Distributor

Tetrus is a people company with a customer-centered approach. Hence, our mission is to make your location the best that it can be while enhancing employee productivity, facility safety, and quality control. In other words, we intend to stand by you now, after the sale, during warranty, and long after warranty. Specifically, you’ll gain a partner for a light-time when it comes to your lighting needs.

We believe in building relationships, not making one-time deals. Moreover, we believe our reputation for excellence precedes us and recommends us better than any marketing strategy. If you are ready to upgrade to LED lighting, call us or schedule a meeting with an LED lighting specialist! Contact our team and request manufacturing-specific data to learn more about LED lighting in the context of your specific location and business type!

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