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LED Lighting for Warehouse – Tetrus Solutions

Proper high bay lighting is crucial if you want to maintain a safe and efficient warehouse

LED Lighting for Warehouse – Our Advantage

Featuring narrow storage aisles, massive open floors or any layout in between, warehouses are a challenge to fit with proper lighting. Existing lighting technologies, mostly HID, feed on a huge amount of energy. However, you are getting only a fraction of the light you pay for.

Moreover, HID lights are short-lived, require both cool down time and warm up time, and lose color uniformity quickly. Also, they are harmful to humans and the environment because of UV radiation and mercury content.

Ensuring adequate led lighting for warehouse is key to operating your business efficiently while complying with health and safety regulations.

LED high bay warehouse lighting

Yet, energy efficiency matters considering that keeping the lights on in your warehouse adds up to a substantial electricity bill each month. Thus, Tetrus is the go-to partner for ultra-efficient LED lighting solutions that replace wasteful and outdated LED lighting for warehouse.

TETRUS in a Nutshell: Your Warehouse Lighting Partner

 led warehouse lighting

We manufacture, sell, warranty, and service commercial-grade LED lights without the added cost. As a result, your employees can perform their tasks lucratively in a safe environment with little to no accident risks.

At the same time, you shrink your energy costs to a minimum. Additionally, our LEDs have the longest lifespan in the industry and provide the highest lumen output. Furthermore, Tetrus fixtures meet the highest standards for durability, toughness, water resistance, and light distribution.

A Lifetime of Energy Savings

Tetrus presents you with the highest efficacy industrial grade LEDs for the price of regular LEDs. Our LEDs offer a higher lumen output than all other LEDs. Consequently, you consume fewer watts to meet your current lighting needs, which translates into $2,000 monthly energy savings. In addition, our fixtures boast a modular design that makes them serviceable. Specifically, you only need to go through the process of replacing existing lighting fixtures once, not every few years.

The TETRUS Difference: We Don’t Sell EELs!

It has become normal for manufacturers across all industries to sell engineered-end-of-life (EELs) or engineered-to-fail products. In short, this approach generates a convenient sales stream every few years depending on how long they decide the “life” to be. Our approach to LED manufacturing is different because we are looking for a long-term partnership rather than a one-time deal. With this purpose in mind, we manufacture LED fixtures that are engineered-for-life. Here is why Tetrus is different:


Serviceability via a Modular Design

Each of our modular fixtures, irrespective of their wattage, consists of multiple 50W LED modules. In brief, the fixture continues to glow while the malfunctioning module is quickly replaced. We can ship the module to you for your electrician can change it. Or, we can have a Tetrus-certified technician change it. Also, you can keep some modules in stock for your piece of mind. Most important, we have a 24/7 Tetrus Service Hotline staffed with real people!


Long Lifespan and Low Maintenance

Our fixtures are standardized and serviceable so that you can achieve the lowest possible maintenance costs. Furthermore, with Tetrus, you only need to engage in changing from existing lights to LED ONE TIME due to the modular design. In addition, this design entails long lifespan, serviceability, and low maintenance. Moreover, we will service your lights for as long as our fixtures fit your warehouse.


Positive Cash Flow Financing

In a highly competitive environment such as warehousing, you may be looking to maintain your cash flow advantage. Indeed, an outright payment for a retrofit project may disrupt your cash flow. However, Tetrus offers you several LED financing options, including leasing. You can go with financing that lets you remain cash flow positive. Meanwhile, our LEDs will pay for themselves via the energy savings they generate.


High-efficacy and Industrial-grade Durability

There are LEDs and there are Tetrus LEDs. Thus, we offer the highest lumen output in the LED industry so that you can save more money. Additionally, we have tested our products to be ocean-proof and sledgehammer-tough. Subsequently, you can fit your warehouse with the most durable LED high bay lights on the market.

Customized Full-Service LED Lighting Solutions

The lighting needs of your warehouse are different than the lighting needs of another warehouse. Certainly, they are different than the needs of a shopping center. To this end, we produce a tailored LED lighting layout for your specific needs.

Developed based on the photometric analysis of your facility, our lighting plan is the right fit. As a result, it provides you with the right lumen output, the right wattage, and the right color temperature in the right place. Moreover, we offer top-to-bottom lighting solutions because we manufacture, sell, install, warranty, and service our lights ourselves. 

high bay lights

The TETRUS Pledge for a Light-time

high bay led lighting

Honored warranties are a rare thing in the lighting industry. With Tetrus, it’s a must. We serve you via a reliable, ‘real human beings’ staffed, 24/7 Tetrus Service Hotline. Accordingly, you can always reach out to us with any issues or just to ask for advice. In addition, we have developed a better, modular design for our fixtures, so we can afford to stand behind our warranty. In other words, we can be the partner you can rely on.

Tetrus will continue to help you save even more money now, after the sale, and long after the sale. We have been here for 30 years and will be here long after other companies have come and gone. Tetrus will be here always to help you – our customers. That is our Pledge for a Light-Time to you and your warehouse business!

If you are ready to upgrade to LED, call us or schedule a meeting with one of our LED lighting specialists. If you want to receive more information about LED lighting in the context of your industry and location type, request more data here!

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